Hail to the King!

September 21, 2007
You are a Street Character! Some folk have trouble striking up conversations with strangers, but not so for you! No one is safe from your attentions and it is your goal to guarantee that all comers leave with at least one direct interaction under their belt. You may not be the king or a knight, but theres a good bet people will remember you for a long time to come!

What Renaissance Performer are you?
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Ah yes, the Renaissance Festival.

Two weeks ago, I went out at the request of my former Puppet Troupe compatriots, and we had an “old school, kick your ass puppet shift”. Butch, George, Eric and I ran around for almost an hour in ye olde body puppets. It was an inordinate amount of fun.

Butch pulled out the Drunken King, a bit which has been known to cripple me with laughter. Butch & George also did the bit where the King is presenting Shirley the Jester’s jokes, and then explaining them… my favorite exchange is this:

Shirley: “Knock, Knock.”

Patron: “Who’s There?”

Shirley: “Chinese interrupting cow. “

Patron: “Chinese interr…”

Shirley: “MAO!

King: “You see, Chairman Mao, of China, is outside your door, AND HE’S A COW!!!

I had a good time with some of my old bits as well. I have always liked just playing with the physicality of the puppets. I mean, as Butch says, you’re 11 feet tall! It’s amazing how funny it is just to see someone in a puppet just swinging their arms while they walk… I usually try and find a way to lay down….. after all, the Wizard is OLD.

The two subsequent weekends have been less eventful. We’ve been trying to get some of the multitude of house projects under control. One of said projects is an outdoorsy activity, and the weather has not really been cooperating. AT ALL.

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September 6, 2007
take the “what’s your dark secret?” quiz
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Yeah, right, I wish

Being a robot would be kinda wicked-awesome methinks. However, I am not. I am a fragile little human who is slowly but surely getting old.

OK, and now for not quite so much of a secret…

I’m a bad blogger.

No. Really. It’s been like a biollionty years since I’ve been here. (Don’t look at the actual dates, just go with me…)

But truly dear reader ( yes singular), it’s not you… it’s me.

I get all busy and then I get all worked up about making something interesting… but if both William Gibson and Kevin Smith can fall off teh blogging wagon and get right back on then so can I. Right?

Rhetorical question, smartass.

Anyways, what’s up all? It seems like I’ve been running around like crazy lately. I ended up working a full-time contract at a company that turned around and outsourced their helpdesk to India. Le Sigh. This is getting a little tiresome no? (see Rhetorical, above)

So, I now have a new contract doing some spiffy Security Adminstration work. They are actually talking about changing our job title to System Administrator, which I have no complaints about. (Resume is being update in Word as we speak…)

Speaking of bad bloggers, The Brother got married. I don’t know if he’s updated his page in any less than a billionty years himself, but we make allowances…

However, for better or for worse (see what I did there) I am going to endeavor to maintain my online presence a bit more in the future. In part because I have a new part time gig to promote… ….

wait for it…

I’m DJing Karaoke at the Chatterbox Pub on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights!!!

Ok, maybe I built that up a bit too much…

Nonetheless, It is so, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. So check out the MySpace page for the calendar to see if I’m at your favorite local watering hole that night.

And check back here frequently, because the internets are for pr0n communicating! And leave a comment or two for chrissakes! This ain’t no radio show!

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