Virtual Love

April 26, 2004


This week has been declared Blogger Love-in Week by snazzykat, and contrary to how it sounds (or how many Google hits) it does not involve nakedness of any kind. I hope.

What it does involve is a little positive energy being put out into the blogiverse, and hopefully brightening everyones day. It’s now my mission to hit every blog in my blogroll and leave some friendly comment about how great they are, how much I wish I was them, and basically grovel at their collective web-doorsteps.


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Counting Down

April 22, 2004

I think third daughter hit the nail on the head with this post. Only I don’t have a week of late shifts, I have 2 months of late shifts. The worst part is, were circumstances just a wee bit different, I would probably be enjoying the hell out of it. I just can’t seem to go to bed when I’m done with work. It takes me ’til noon to get to sleep, and with days until I am out of school, it’s gonna be a long month.

I was able to run some aluminum cans to get recycled in my own tiny homage to Earth Day. I understand that today was not technically Earth Day, not being on the vernal equinox and all, but my free Walgreens calendar says today’s the day. (It also says yesterday was “Administrative Professionals Day”…Do you think they call it that now to make Female Secretaries feel better about their jobs or to make Male Administrative Assistants feel better about receiving “Secretary’s Day” cards?)

Being Thursday, and somewhat wont for ideas, today I’m going to try the Thursday Threesome, because it involves geekery, and…well…it sounds a little dirty doesn’t it? hehe…





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If I’d known you were coming…

April 19, 2004

Wow! I am more than a little taken aback at being chosen Minnesota Blog of the Day. I knew something was up when my hits quintupled that day. I do find it somewhat vexing that people seem to get the impression that I am Jack. Do you not see the signature on every post? Have ya never looked at my profile? Have you not seen the film?!?! Oh well, I’m still crazy honored and excited about it. Especially since I’m in pretty good company, since Picklejuice & Space Waitress Gate A have also been recipients of this distinction, and I likes them.

I’ve noticed that some of the blogs I am Blogrolling are a bit light on the posting, (something that we are never guilty of here at jackswastedlife), so I have fleshed it out a bit more. We shall see how long this fleshiness continues, as I do not feel comfortable linking to a site unless I actively go there myself. Sort of a “GSeven’s Stamp of Approval”.

Raven & I were not able to make it to see Akira as we had originally intended, because Friday she was not well and Saturday I was being an

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Loose Ends

April 16, 2004

First of all, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Raven was kind enough to get me a super-cool Batman & Robin Monopoly Game for my birthday. She did this before the party, so it was not part of that post….I wasn’t trying to snub her or anything…..

So, The Apprentice was neatly sandwiched between Friends & ER, so it got watched a lot more than I would have planned, but I digress. I wasn’t at all suprised that Bill won. However, I am extremely jealous of his new job. I’m a Skyscraper AND a Chicago geek, so maybe it’s just me…

Probably a busy weekend ahead, being back @ Brown already and all… & maybe, just maybe, Raven & I will get to see a couple o’ movies and relax a little…

… It could happen …

Oh, BTW, consider the gauntlet thrown:

I am a Grammar God!

You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
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Late Nights/Early Mornings

April 13, 2004

Yeah, it’s a little scary. Raven & I spent Saturday from about 9:30 PM ’til Sunday (yes, Easter Sunday) 6:45 AM hanging out with some of the fine Puppet Peeps*. Raven pointed out that while many Festies are odd, at least the puppets are the good version of odd. That is, we don’t wear our renaissance garb as though it were our day-to-day clothing. Also, we’re not the kind of odd that makes you wonder if we’ve ever seen the sun and/or anything outside of our parents’ basements. However, we’re apparently odd enough to refer to our costumes as “garb” and mock others for their levels of geekiness…..hmm….

Anyway, it was fun to see people I generally only have a chance to interact with at Festival in a more social setting. It was good to see Butch, Sarah, Adrienne, Heather, George, Amanda, & Eric. Sometimes I feel kinda inferior hanging out with these guys though. I mean, I consider myself at least occasionally moderately amusing, hopefully even funny. Compare me to Butch, who’s in the Improv Group Five Man Job, and Eric, who’s in Improv Troupe Q, and I start to feel downright dull. <sigh>

At any rate, it was basically Raven, Eric, & I who stayed up ’til the wee hours that morning, geeking out like you wouldn’t believe. (Well, like some of you would believe…) Eric is doing his damndest to talk us in to going to CONvergence this year. It sounds fun, especially with the Film Room (which Eric helps run) and the 24 hour free Coffee Bar, but it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to a convention, and my memory makes them seem geekier than they are. (I think.) I also have difficulty committing to things halfway. i.e. If we were to go, I’d like to have a hotel room so we could totally soak up the whole 3 day experience, but again, the money tree we planted in our back yard has yet to bear fruit.

What I do know that I will be doing is going to some late night movies! This Friday and Saturday the Midnight Movie @ Block E is going to be Akira, which I have never seen in a theatre. (I would be going on Friday, if anyone wants to join me…<hint>) Next week it’s Monty Python and the Holy Grail @ Block E Friday & Saturday and also Ghost in the Shell @ the Uptown Theatre on Saturday. Finally, on May 1st, I think I will see if we can go to the Midnight performance of The Rocky Horror Show.

Phew! Well, those are my plans…. Who’s comin’ with me?

*Editors note: By Peeps, I mean nothing more than the slang the kids today use to shorten the word People. I certainly don’t mean Peeps, or Peeps, and certainly not Peeps!

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