The only bad review of Spider-Man 2

July 6, 2004

Power Corrupts.  Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.  But It Rocks Absolutely, Too.




Marvel Comics Suck Ass!

OK. There. Now everyone on the Internet hates me.

Let me start by making one thing perfectly clear: Spider-Man 2 is not a bad movie. It’s just so blaringly not a GREAT movie that I have to wonder what I’m missing. On Yahoo Movies I gave it a C+, which is “Flawed, but worthy”. I really hate reviews that give away too much about the film, but I’m gonna mention a couple of minor plot points, so if this offends thee, return soon and I will regale you with my tale of how the Taste of Minnesota continues to let me down. (Nothing but sunshine and light I know…)


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