Ace, the Bat-hound.

February 21, 2016
Ace likes the snow.

Ace likes the snow.

Yeah, I know.

You forgot I was even here. This site has been dormant for almost 2 years. No one will ever see this post.

Of course, the goal of … whatever one would call this … was never really for others to admire and/or admonish me and my mis-adventures. It’s not strictly a journal either… but… it’s still a (somewhat) unique extension of myself that I can’t quite seem to quit completely. Oh well, enough of that…

So, the handsome fellow you see at the top of this post is my new doge, Ace. Named for a certain vigilante’s canine companion. We adopted him with the intention of training him to be a diabetes alert dog. Unfortunately, we’re still working on the standard obedience training, let alone service dog training. He’s fairly well-behaved, and he enjoys going to our local Dog Park.

But he’s still trouble.

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