Going Postal

February 28, 2003

IDS Tower

Good Lord! I am really, really, ready to reach out and strangle someone!!

Umm, oh, err, Hi there! Sorry about that little emotional outburst, but I fear that my frits are wayed. Yeah……did I mention that I hate people? When I say people I don’t mean all people, I mean those people. You know……PEOPLE!!

I’m even willing to give all those Minnesota drivers out there a break, (Editors Note: Notice, I did NOT use the word brake. We do not condone those types of puns here.) and just concentrate on the people at hand. Specifically, every single employee of the City of Minneapolis.

<Rant Mode Off>

Can you believe it’s March already? (I realize it’s not ’till tomorrow…just go with me) I mean, if it’s March, that means that SuperAmerica is going to have Shamrock cookies! And if SA has Shamrock cookies, then it’s almost St. Patricks Day. And if SA has Shamrock cookies and it’s almost St. Patricks Day then it’s almost my Birthday! And if blah blah blah I’m ALMOST TWENTY-SEVEN!


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To Boldly Go…

February 24, 2003



Yeah, yeah…I know…with a title like that, the geek flag is raised mighty high…

I feel a little like explaining some of my intentions here with iam.jackswastedlife.org…I guess I have looked around this great internet of ours, I have seen many, many blogs. I will not even hazard to guess how many are out there, and yet, there are a very precious few that I can actually read on a regular basis. So, I almost wonder why I’ve even bothered to put myself out here. I guess the reason that I’ve come up with, is that I want to stretch myself as an artist. And presently, the artist in me is not quite sure exactly what his art is.

I obviously like web design, I have dabbled in poetry and fiction, and I am returning/re-examining my role as a photographer. And the big thing for me going forward is that I not settle. I was tempted over the last week to enter in something just to DO something. But really, I think there is already plenty of stuff to look at on the internet that gets updated every day….some things even more often….and I really think that it’s the content that matters.

So! In my growing need to push myself to come up with literature, pictures, and other various cyber-goodies, I have tried something new. The picture above, has been “tweaked” via Photoshop. This is the first pic I have doctored, and I am still getting my feet wet in that area. There is a “purist” in me, who feels that even thought I use a digital camera, that this kind of altering is not “fair”. It seems like it almost makes the medium too easy. But, I am trying to look beyond that and just view the final piece as art, and just be honest about where it came from.

BTW, you didn’t think I somehow missed the whole WeeMee phenomenon did you?

Behold, Mini-Me:

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Alien Conspiracy

February 10, 2003

IDS through a skylight in Gaviidae Commons

Well, I finally saw Am

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

February 4, 2003

Andersen Consulting


Yay! We have snow in Minnesota! It only took us until February!

Yes, I am one of those people. I love the snow, I like winter, I live in Minnesota by choice! Seriously, if I have to hear one more person bitch about the weather here, I’m gonna drive ’em to the state line myself. (Probably just the Wisconsin state line…it’s only about 20 miles away!) I may really have to apply myself this weekend and see if I can’t muster the motivation to go skiing

Man, I am really getting burnt out. The whole 2 jobs thing is a real drag on one’s hobbies. I did however manage to borrow a copy of Amelie on DVD, so I hope to find time to watch that soon. I have been feeling a real deficiency in my “arty” movie watching of late. I am dying to see Adaptation, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Matrix: Revolutions, Brotherhood of the Wolf….

Yeah, I threw in the Matrix just to see if you were paying attention.

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