I’m crazy protractor face….gimme some candy!

October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween!

Ahh, the good old days. No, I’m not referring to SNLs of years past, I’m referring to that bygone era that I refer to as: The Video Game years. But seriously folks, wouldn’t it be nice? Summer Vacations….walking around the neighborhood getting candy….staying up late doing nothing but eating said candy and playing Quake ’til the sun comes up? …Wait…. I think that last one was from more recent years….(like THIS year….)

Still, the point is easy to make(or miss): Life is short. My friend Travis touched on this in his journal recently, and if I may steal a line from Strictly Ballroom, “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” I might even say 3/8 lived.

Seriously folks, get out there. Let this be your rallying cry. Change your world. I don’t know about you, but I think there’s plenty to be changed about my world, and change begins and ends with each of us. Paul Wellstone was someone who created change in our government but more importantly changed people. I feel like a better person for having known him, and having had him as an example & role model. His life was all about achieving what he set out to do, and I hope that someday I can look back at my own life and think the same thing about me.

It seems to me as we are growing up we are always told to follow our dreams, wish on a star, believe in ourselves….but as the years go by, not only do we not hear these things, but I think directly or indirectly we hear the opposite. Grow up, settle down, put away childish things. And as someone who has never believed in growing up, etcetera, I always thought it was silly when those words of encouragement were repeated to me. I mean, it’s obvious right?

Well, I don’t give a damn. It’s good to hear those words. So listen up!

  • Follow Your Dreams

  • Live Your Life to the Fullest

  • Love Recklessly

  • Never Grow Up

  • Never Give Up

  • Never Settle

  • Never Surrender

  • Be the Change You Seek

There are very few people who read this blog at present. This simply has to do with the fact that I have trouble making my family read the damn thing. My point is this: if you read this post, you have made a difference in my life, and I am a better person for having known you.

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Rest In Peace

October 25, 2002

I’m not quite sure how to process this. Senator Wellstone is someone who I only met in person once, but I have always known that he was in the Senate for me. His agenda was never swayed by public opinion polls, lobbyists, or even members of his own political party. Paul Wellstone dedicated the last 12 years of his life to fighting for everything this country should stand for: Freedom, Equality, and Justice for all. The real meaning of those words, concepts, and ideas, were never far from his mind.

I grieve today, because this was a man who not only had the knowledge, skill, dedication, and heart to do what was best for him, Minnesota, and indeed, every single man, woman, and child in this country, but he was actually in a position where he could effect change. He had found his calling and was doing his best to make this country the truly great place it has the potential to be.

Senator Paul Wellstone had my voice in Washington. In my mind, heart, and soul, Paul Wellstone has my respect, my admiration, and my vote.

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Don’t call us…

October 23, 2002

Hmm, as many of you may or may not know, I aspire to be an actor. (You certainly SHOULD know that…since you all read my Profile.) So, in keeping with that grand tradition, I auditioned for 2 shows this past weekend; Starting Gate’s upcoming production of Jeffrey, & Pig’s Eye Theatre’s upcoming production of A Few Good Men.

Now, don’t let me sound like I’m full of myself, but I thought I did just fine at both auditions. In fact, I would say that in both cases a callback would have been warranted. It is now Wednesday evening, long after I should have been called back for either show, and I am sitting here talking to you people. (By you people, I of course mean you people who love and support me and would CAST ME IN YOUR FREAKIN’ SHOWS IF YOU WERE DIRECTING ONE!!!)

Ahem. So, moving on in subjects…I was actually able to attend the graduation ceremony for Brown College. My Ghosts & Graves Tours have been going allright, although I do have to do THREE of them this Friday, which is also Raven’s birthday….which sucks. Oh well, gotta make some money…

Oh, incidentally, this Doonesbury strip freaking kills me! The worst part is I think he even looks like me….

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October 4, 2002

Great. Last time I did an update I was tired….now I’m sick…I just can’t win…

Let’s see, I’m trying desperately to maintain sanity while spending every free freaking moment trying to finish up my studies…(Did I also happen to mention that I’m sick??)…Even though the Renaissance Festival is over…I still have to take down my tent tomorrow and THEN I have our first Ghosts & Graves Tour on Saturday night. Ugh.

On the plus side, I will be attending my first Improv-A-Go-Go on Sunday, and I must say I’m looking forward to it. I have “friends” who will be performing. And by “friends” I mean people I know…who actually admit to knowing me…even when I’m behind in my “payments” to them….

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