Rock Star!

July 22, 2005
You're the Rock Star!
You’re the Rock Star!
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Fuck college, fuck a “real” job! Music is your life! You’re a hometown hero! You’re in at least two local bands and are thinking of forming a third. You sleep on your friend’s couch, eat your friend’s food, and borrow your friend’s car. You frequent the dark city bars and hang with the other rockers and groupies. You wear dirty jeans, well-worn t-shirts, and your hair is a mess. You’re sinister and mysterious and look as if you don’t give a shit. You worship the Rolling Stones, MC5, and your older brother’s band. You’re gonna make it big one of these days, you can just feel it.

No, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Raven and I got the same answer…. makes one wonder if there should be laws against such marriages….

Yes I realize it’s been a little while…however, there’s not all that much to report. Raven and I are starting up rehearsals for a play, I am still interviewing for a new job, and I have been sucked into Guild Wars despite all of my efforts to the contrary. It’s actually quite enjoyable, and unlike most MMORPGs, it does not have a monthly fee.

I haven’t a great deal else to talk about just now…. but I’ll see if I can’t have something new up on Monday…


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