Lazy Daze of Summer

June 28, 2004

It's Over, Man.  Let Her Go.

I have emerged from the week of Finals with my head held high, and only minor bruising.

So, I got half of my grades back on Friday, and I had two As! That made me extremely anxious to find out my other grades, as I am aspiring to hit the magical 3.5 GPA mark in days, (but who’s counting…) and let’s just say it’s going to be close.

So today, I get the rest of my grades, and they are Bs. Not crushing news, but not really helping me raise that 3.22 GPA of mine. According to my calculations, if I get an A in every class for the last 2 quarters, I will hit exactly 3.5, therefore graduating “With Honors”.

Persistence? Maybe. Stubborn and not owning up to reality? More likely.


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Oh, Rainbows…I like those, those are cool…

June 20, 2004

Dreams are like rainbows.  Only idiots chase them.

Yeah, maybe I try to do too much.

I really don’t want my blog to be nothing more than me bitching about how busy I am…but… I am really busy… so if you want anything at all, that’s probably all you’re gonna get for a little while…

I just spent the last 15 hours being a complete geek at MultiMayhem XI. I think the jury is still out on whether or not it was time well spent. I mean, the last MultiMayhem was a good time. It was the first time that Travesty & I really hung out, and it seemed to have a fun atmosphere to the whole day.

However, this event was marred from the get go. I arrived later than I would have liked, only to find that I hadn’t really missed much because some moron brought in a virus and the whole network was totally screwed. They had it mostly under control by the time I arrived, but nothing much was happening. This also seemed to require all of the attention of all of the staff. So nothing was getting done. There was absolutely no information about the tournaments. I was planning on participating in the Quake III tournament, but I found out hours later that it was cancelled.

All of this might not have been such a big deal if it were not for the fact that they were not even as organized as they were last time. They did not have game updates available for download on their network. Their “LAN Home Page” was nothing more than a copy of their website that didn’t even have any functionality. Their online seating chart where we choose seats for the event was not what was actually used in the room, so 91bravo was right by the door and had some glare from the sun, and later in the evening we were both irked by the fact that the door was propped open and it was windy…I just don’t understand how Travesty, Bravo, & I can run smaller events with more foresight and organization than these clowns who have the audacity to charge admission.

Hmm. That really wasn’t going to be the point of this post….I wonder if we can cover the rest without exceeding our bandwidth for the day…

Tomorrow, I mean, later today, I need to go spend some time with the family for Father’s Day. Then I need to do some hardcore work on my Final Project for my Marketing Class. <shudder> The week looks like this:

  • Monday – Final Exam
  • Tuesday – Final Project
  • Wednesday – Final Exam
  • Thursday – Final Exam
  • Friday – Stress induced catatonic state

Oh, for those of you who may be wondering… The Guest Room was mostly completed, mostly on time. My Sister-in-law & my niece & nephews are staying with us for a couple of weeks. So again, my time here may be limited.

At least I’m not bored…


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Do not adjust your sets…

June 9, 2004

That’s right….you’re not quite rid of me yet! I don’t know that y’all would necessarily be inclined to hear me prattle on about what I’ve been doing during this seemingly endless gap in posts, so I will endeavor to be brief.


I think that about sums it up.

OK, here’s the slightly more verbose version:

Work: I’ve been working a lot…no, really, a lot. Between co-worker’s vacations (scheduled & unscheduled), mountains of backlog, changing system requirements, new processes, and the amazing level of PEBKAC errors on the part of requesters….let’s just say it’s been a challenge…

School: I really don’t like my Management Classes. Marketing is the better of the two in my opinion but the Human Resource Management class is redefining dull. Raven made the mistake of offering to read some of my textbook aloud while we were driving and she almost required heroic measures to revive. Did I mention it was dull?

House: We are hopefully nearly done with what has gone from a relatively minor sprucing up of our 2nd Bedroom/Office into more of an Office/Guestroom into major Trading Spaces style kung fu. We have primed the walls and removed most of the ceiling tiles from the land of ugly and the “insulation” from the land of I-think-this-is-insulation-but-it-sure-looks-awful and are prepared to Paint, Re-Insulate, & Re-Ceiling.

Did I mention the house needs to be done by this Monday and I only have two more weeks before the end of the quarter and a whole bunch of projects that I’ve barely had time to think about are due?

Yeah, I thought I did



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