House Arrest

July 17, 2013
Alonzo trying to keep me incapacitated.

Alonzo trying to keep me incapacitated.

See that?  That’s the world’s most adorable cat, pinning me down when I’m trying to drag myself out of  bed.

So yeah, that’s the reason you haven’t been hearing from me.  Totally.

Still, most of the time I run into people I haven’t see in a while I get the standard “What’ve you been up to?” and invariably my answer is “I dunno.  Same-old, same-old.”

But, I can think of at least a couple of newer things I’ve been up to, so I’ll recount them here.

First off, I have decided that I am going to learn how to program.  Like with a real computer language and everything.  So I’m about half-way through a semester of Java Programming I at Saint Paul College.  I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to focus on Java Programming in General, Mobile Application Development, or Video Game Design.

I’ve also been involved in the creation of Fearless Comedy Productions.  So far we are comprised almost exclusively of Vilification Tennis cast members, but we’ve got some lofty goals, and I’m optimistic that they can be achieved.

Speaking of Fearless, I’ve even done some stand-up comedy at our “Fearless Lab” a couple of times.  It’s a little different than I expected but I did really enjoy it.  I guess the next step is to start going to Open Mics and try, try, try again.

Now if I can just get this cat to let me go…

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