Is This Thing On?

December 13, 2002

OK, well, don’t I just suck. I mean, it’s been over a month now….and even though the elections sorta kicked me in the groin I don’t think that really excuses the lack of content here. I was at a party at my parents house and ran into Travis. We of course spoke of our lives & the corresponding web pages that attempt to document them. So, mainly in fear that he would post a link to me and my last update would be over a month old……

There is actually a whole boat-load of stuff going on today. First of all, this is 3 years to the day that I bought Dante. Dante is my 1999 Toyota RAV4 named after an infamous Clerk. Amanda & I are going to make the trek up to Duluth today, so as to make with the skiing at Spirit Mountain.

Speaking of trekking, (the sad thing is I really do these things unintentionally…) Today is also the opening day for Star Trek: Nemesis. Which, in addition to being an even numbered film, also appears to rock if the articles I read in TV Guide (which had in my opinion multiple spoilers…) are to be believed.

And, like Fox, I want to believe.

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