August 29, 2003

Mickey's Dining Car in Saint Paul

Raven & I (along with miscellaneous family members from out-of-town) ate at Mickey’s Diner last night. We live ridiculously close (Yahoo says it’s 1.0 miles), it’s open 24 hours, and is reasonably priced, which makes me wonder why we hardly go there. Of course, it’s very small, and at the times when we would tend to go there, there are other people there. Now don’t get me wrong. People-watching is all well and good, but People-Interacting can be, well, unnerving.

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It’s Pronto Pup time!

August 25, 2003
Space Tower @ The Minnesota State Fair

As you might be able to guess, Raven & I went to the Great Minnesota Get-Together Friday. Did I mention that while I am working for Western National my Friday’s end a Noon? Did I mention that, while this means I have more time for the weekend, it also means that, being paid hourly, I have less money too?!

I’m really only a casual Fair-goer. I have been a Fest junkie (I think the term “Festie” for most of us is held with about the same high regard that Trek fans have for the term “Trekkie”) for years, and usually you have to choose one or the other if you have a day job.

We had a pretty good day. We started off looking at some livestock, (Bunnies are cute) and then we went for Malts in the Empire Commons. After that, we stopped at the Agriculture Building. Realizing it was getting dark, we high tailed it over to the Space Tower. We then stopped by the DFL booth and got a Kucinich button for me and a “Friends don’t let friends vote republican” button for Raven.

We wandered through the Creative Arts building until it closed and then it was time for more food! I, of course, found the nearest Pronto Pup stand and Raven went for the Roasted Corn. Our Dessert was provided by Sweet Martha. Finally, we wound our way down to the Midway and rode a couple o’ rides.

P.S. Contrary to popular belief: A pronto-pup and a corn-dog are entirely different things!!! A corn-dog is made with cornbread batter, and a pronto-pup is made with pancake batter!! I mean come on, it’s like night and….ummm….later that night!!

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August 15, 2003

Raven & GSeven @ The Matrix: Reloaded

I just found a disk with these photos, that I have edited together. Yes, Raven & I are that geeky. We got dressed up for the Opening Night. We did not get dressed up to go and see it in Imax however. Speaking of, the MN engagement ends on Sept 4, and even though it is a little on the expensive side ($12!!!) it is definitely worth it.

Well, it is Friday, and once again, I feel like the weekend is over before it began. I have to setup my tent for Renaissance Festival, which starts on Saturday, I then need to go to a Doctor appointment, and then I need to assist a friend w/his computer. (Yeah, sure, he’s feeding me and we’re probably gonna watch a movie or play some Quake…..But it’s still a full schedule!)

Finally, just because I feel like it, the Friday Five:

1. How much time do you spend online each day?

I guess it depends. If I am at work, I am online nearly all the time in one way or another. At home however, I think I am online for like an hour or so every day….sometimes more….but not as often as I would like!!

2. What is your browser homepage set to?


I have been hooked on Yahoo’s portal since the beginning. They integrate everything together so well, and now, I can access Email/Address Book/Calendar via my synchronized Handspring Visor or my Sprint PCS phone!

3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?

I’ve started actually using Yahoo Messenger a little bit at work. I have used/tried ICQ, AIM, and MSN Messenger at one point or another….but now I think they’re icky. <grin>

4. Where was your first webpage located?

Man, I wish I still had the HTML somewhere….it was pa-the-tic. It was somewhere on Geocities (http://www.geocities.com/Paris/9717 to be exact), back when they were their own company, instead of belonging to Yahoo. You can see what my original web page became, at Zoo Station.

5. How long have you had your current website?

I registered my domain in December of 2002. I consider my first post to be 12.16.1999. It wasn’t really a “blog” at that time, but it was the same kind of dated-entry, life observational site, that we have come to call a blog, so that’s my Final Answer.

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My kind of town…

August 13, 2003
Sears Tower and an almost full moon.

I’m not so sure it was a good idea for me to go to Chicago over the weekend….now I just really wish we’d moved there when we had the chance! Oh well, I only have about 17 months to go in my 18 month program at Brown, so…….

I’m kinda bummed I didn’t remember to ask Irish-Girl if she decided to go to the Poetry Slam finals in Chicago, because she and another MN Blogger were in Chicago the same weekend I was! Probably doesn’t matter though, the Wife and I were certainly busy enough with our own commitments during the weekend.

As you can probably tell, I was able to steal/borrow/spirit away my Brother’s digital camera again. He has a Sony Digital Mavica 1.3 MP that I really don’t care for….but it is all I have access to. I also just recently found out it has a few more settings to play with than I thought….so I’ll let it ride a little longer. I think I may save my pennies for a nice Cannon PowerShot A60. It’s not my ultimate camera goal…but seems reasonable considering my limited budget.

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President Gore Speaks

August 7, 2003

The President in exile gave a speech today. I found the following passage of note:

And as for honor and integrity, let me say this: we know what that was all about, but hear me well, not as a candidate for any office, but as an American citizen who loves my country:

For eight years, the Clinton-Gore Administration gave this nation honest budget numbers; an economic plan with integrity that rescued the nation from debt and stagnation; honest advocacy for the environment; real compassion for the poor; a strengthening of our military — as recently proven — and a foreign policy whose purposes were elevated, candidly presented and courageously pursued, in the face of scorched-earth tactics by the opposition. That is also a form of honor and integrity, and not every administration in recent memory has displayed it.

I really can’t help but wonder how different our country would be today if certain people hadn’t de-railed the electoral process. My sincere hope, regardless of who wins the next Presidential election, is that there is no question that the candidate who was elected by the people of America actually makes it into the Oval Office.

For any liberals out there, I would like to point out the Meetup button on the left. The one there is for Kucinich, but there are others on meetup.com for Dean and others. (There are even meetups for nearly everything one can imagine, from Goths, to Star Trek, to MovableType!) If any Kucinich supporters are in the Saint Paul area, please think about attending a rally on 8.16.03 @ Central High School.

I’ll be there….visiting my alma matter….<shudder>

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