BS in progress

July 22, 2003

Well, I don’t know what I’m going to do about a Digital Camera. I couldn’t quite find one inexpensive enough that seemed to have what I would consider the minimum requirements. <sigh> I’m just not comfortable shelling out $250+ for a camera at this point and the ones that are less than that seem….well….not worth it.
Otherwise, things are going more or less according to plan. I bought a WiFi (802.11b) Wireless Access Point and a Wireless Card for my laptop. (Super good open box/mail-in-rebate deal!!) That seems to be working its magic @ Chez GSeven. So, when I get my new laptop we should be good to go.
How can he afford a new laptop but not a $250+ digital camera you ask? Well, I have the following words of wisdom: Student loans are your friend. At least, until you graduate and they become the bane of your existence for the next 20 years…. (or more…)….but I digress. I am indeed educating myself once again. I have returned to ye olde Brown College to get me some more learnin’. When I have finished the 18 month porgram I will finally be able to put a B.S. after my name. (Most people just add it for me….and they don’t use an acronym.)
Speaking of BS, I have added all the archives in from the old site and will continue to work away in the incredibly vast amounts of free time that I have…..
…..right after my nap.

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