I am an Internet pimp!

September 13, 2004

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

I may have lost local access to my mother, but I have gained a blog!

It appears that I have spurred yet another website. I just setup NinaClifford.com for my mother. She thinks it will be more efficient than emailing people on their trek down the Mississippi. Nina Clifford is the Saint Paul Madame that was her character on the Saint Paul Gangster Tour that has been her alter-ego for many years now. That makes three blogs I have foisted on the world if you count my brother’s and Raven’s.

Speaking of my brother, Raven & I caught Equus on Friday night. We were both mightily impressed and would recommend it. I have a problem with giving any strong evaluation of a play that I’ve never read or seen produced before, so I can only tell you it was a good production. I need significantly more digesting before I can critique it fully.

Starting Gate always has an opening night party, and we were up way, way, way too late. One of those all-night events that pretty well messes up your sleep schedule for the whole weekend. So, in addition to being buried with things to do, I am wicked tired….

I got a whole bunch of hits from people searching for that Garden State quote….now I guess this post is going to get all the people looking for whores in Saint Paul… oh wicked Google, how you vex me!



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  1. Raven says:

    Yeah, you’re a pimp all right. With the foisting and all. And how is it we’re NC-17?? C’mon, I’m so innocent and reserved….