I am Le Tired

January 23, 2004

Ugh. What a week. I was waaaaay to used to not having to go to school. Somehow I have survived week 1 of the Winter Quarter. However, I’m already dreading going back on Monday.

Winter Carnival is here! I’m already stoked for the Treasure Hunt. This is my year. I will find the medallion and win $10,000!!!

Or, maybe I’ll just have a nap.

I’m going to try something different this friday, I’m gonna do Past, Present, Future. Hopefully it won’t be a miserable failure.

PAST: The quality of our thoughts can only be as good as the quality of our language, for words are the very core of thought. How diligent were you at building your vocabulary, when you were a youngster?

I would say I was fairly diligent. I don’t know where the importance of the english language was impressed upon me from….but I have always done my best to use themost appropriate word for the situation…

PRESENT: What’s the most recent addition to your vocabulary?

Man, that’s a toughie. I think it may be


I picked that one up in speech class. There must be something newer though….hmm…..

FUTURE: What word would you like to see added to the general lexicon… and what word would you like to see removed?

I think damnity-damn-damn-hell could be a good addition. So much gets brought in automatically it seems…like Doh!, Muggle, etc….. I think shiznit should NOT make it in….I hope…I pray….

Oh! I know. I think we should get rid of the word Concur. Because, it always sounded to me like it should mean an opposing opinion…and really, what’s wrong with just saying “I Agree”???




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