May 4, 2004

Man, I’ve been having a rough week or so. The work/school monster is sucking my will to live, and Raven & I had quite the full weekend.

We went to see The Rivals at TRP on opening night, from which we rushed ourselves further downtown to the Midnight Movie @ Block E, which was Dusk Till Dawn.

Then, umm, I slept through Saturday, but got up in time for the special Midnight show of The Rocky Horror Show at the U. It’s kinda weird for Raven & I to spend time at Rarig, with her having graduated from the U and me having…uhh…been there before. Seriously though, I’ve hung lights in 3 out of the 4 theatres in that building and had more than one class there, always with the assumption that a B.A. in Theatre would be the outcome. Now, I’m working on a B.S. (quiet) in a totally different area…..but I digress….

Sunday was for more sleep, errands, and of course, an early start to the new work week @ midnight… ugh

Oh well, here’s a web quiz I found on Leora the Sane that I found entertaining. Not the result that I expected, but it pleases me nonetheless….

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

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  1. raven says:

    I think that’s the only possible answer, because that’s what I got too!

  2. GSeven says:

    heh…well, there are others…I mean, if I change an answer or two I get Miracle Max, and I thought there was another possibility for me…but nothing too glamorous….

  3. Kaiser says:

    Well, I got Westly but my friend Ryan got princess buttercup. He said there is no way he’s kissing me. 🙂