MP3 Madness

February 28, 2004

Here’s something I saw somewhere, or got in an email, or both….

15 Random Songs from my MP3s:

1. Everclear | So Much for the Afterglow EverclearEverything to Everyone  *

2. Def Leppard | Hysteria Def LeppardPour Some Sugar On Me  *

3. Radiohead | Pablo Honey RadioheadCreep  *

4. Enigma | The Screen Behind the Mirror EnigmaModern Crusaders  *

5. The Phantom of the Opera (Original 1986 London Cast) Phantom of the OperaThink of Me  *

6. Everclear | Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 1 EverclearBrown Eyed Girl  *

7. Richard Cheese | Lounge Against the Machine Richard CheeseBullet the Blue Sky  *

8. Better Than Ezra | Friction, Baby Better than EzraDesperately Wanting  *

9. Duran Duran | Greatest Duran DuranHungry Like the Wolf  *

10. The Cure | Wish The CureTo Wish Impossible Things  *

11. Dead Can Dance | 1981-1988 Box Set Dead Can DanceThe Wind That Shakes the Barley  *

12. Everclear | Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 2 EverclearVideo Killed the Radio Star  *

13. U2 | Best of 1980-1990 U2Where the Streets Have No Name  *

14. Weird Al Yankovic | Running With Scissors Werid ALIt’s All About the Pentiums  *

15. Bush | The Science of Things BushMindchanger *

Holy crap! I expected this to take like 20 minutes to write up…it’s been more like 3 hours off and on that I’ve been slaving over this silly little post!

If you want to do this on your blog or in my comments (and I hope you do!) all you need to do is fire up your MP3 program, hit Randomize (or whatever your mess-it-up button is) and then copy down the first 15 songs it lists.

You see, it sounds simple doesn’t it? <grumble>

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    So, as inspired by G my 15 random MP3’s *drumroll* Dead Can Dance “The Host of 5” Moby “Natural Blues” The Cure “End” Reel Big Fish “Take on Me” The Clash “Rock the Casbah” U2 “Walk On” Nirvana “Stay Away”…