A Road Less Traveled

August 6, 2003

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Fortunately, Jack must have a lousy work ethic, becuase his site is not dull. Along with being named for a fine Robert Frost poem, A Road Less Travelled is a local MN blog that I feel compelled to recommend. Jack‘s posts do tend to be on the long side…however, they are worth the read.

The movie link on the right is a Batman fan film. It somehow manages to incorporate a little Aliens Vs. Predator action into a Batman story. I believe that this has been explored in the comic book at one point or another, but it almost seems out of place in the film. I dunno, I have to watch it again…still, very cool.

Also, I’m pimping a little today for Tom Tomorrow and his new book. I’ve enjoyed Tom’s comic for years now, and I am looking forward to this collection of his work being on my coffee table. Now if I could just find time to sit at home and drink coffee…..

I just realized that I used alot of italics in this post…..hmmm…….



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