September 18, 2003

Well, this is kind of like my Friday, as I do not have to work tomorrow and will be leaving in a couple hours for Michigan. I got an email from my instructor detailing my current standing in my classes and what work would be required to get As…..

….which is a lot. I mean, not really, but it’s definitely going to be the bulk of what I’ll be spending time on. Oh well, I could not do any of it and theoretically get an A, B, B, & a C. But it’s way too early in my return to schooling to start settling for Bs & Cs…..

Anyway, I’ll try and relax a little here and there and see about some updates or photos. Things’ll pick up once I’ve had a chance to recover from this quarter!



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They are the lost life of Cat

September 16, 2003


Hmm….Well, I certainly do not have a disco, so I guess it’s the truth! (link unceremoniously ganked from picklejuice)

Hey everybody! I am a busy busy guy. I’m almost done with my first quarter and I have 3 finals and 2 final projects due next week for 4 different classes! And, of course, I’ll be going out of town this weekend…just in case that was all too easy.

Hey, while on the subject of links, check out Lost in Translation for more wacky fun. It translates English to French and then back into English and then into German and then back into English and then into …. well… just go try it!

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A Road Less Traveled

August 6, 2003

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Fortunately, Jack must have a lousy work ethic, becuase his site is not dull. Along with being named for a fine Robert Frost poem, A Road Less Travelled is a local MN blog that I feel compelled to recommend. Jack‘s posts do tend to be on the long side…however, they are worth the read.

The movie link on the right is a Batman fan film. It somehow manages to incorporate a little Aliens Vs. Predator action into a Batman story. I believe that this has been explored in the comic book at one point or another, but it almost seems out of place in the film. I dunno, I have to watch it again…still, very cool.

Also, I’m pimping a little today for Tom Tomorrow and his new book. I’ve enjoyed Tom’s comic for years now, and I am looking forward to this collection of his work being on my coffee table. Now if I could just find time to sit at home and drink coffee…..

I just realized that I used alot of italics in this post…..hmmm…….



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Breathless Anticipation

January 23, 2003

Looking down one side of Minneapolis City Hall

As you may know, I am something of a perfectionist. To be more precise, a perpetually failing perfectionist. i.e. My house is a mess, but my CDs & DVDs are all in alphabetical order on the shelf. If I can’t do something and have it all work out perfectly, I have trouble doing it at all.

So, as far as web design is concerned…I’m a real hands on, no fancy WYSIWYG editor, gimme Wordpad and I’m set kinda web designer. I actually enjoy this extended aggrevation…and I have been tinkering quite a bit here lately. Now, I think this is a good thing, but it has slowed down my intended update schedule. And, I don’t know how soon that will improve. I have a lot of things still kicking around inside my brain.

BTW, what do you think of my new layout? I’m not sure how plentiful the links are going to be (I suppose that would also depend on how often I update…) but I promise to keep you a’clickin’…..





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Monday the 13th!!!

January 13, 2003

Minneapolis City Hall

I’ll bet there were much less publicized killings at some remote summer camp on Monday the 13th too…but, you know, same-old-same-old….

So! Notice anything different? Yes! I did get a hair cut! Does it look ok? I was a little concerned about the length…..

Part of me now wants to see if I can fill an entire entry without finishing a single thought….Oh, allright. Take off your shoes and set a spell. Just let it all sink in. This revamp has been in the works for like a week now! I’m working a contract for the city of Minneapolis as a HelpDesk Representative, and I just can’t tell you how much fun I’m having. Because if I did, I’d have to kill you. However, that is part of the reason this update has been taking me so long! I can’t load ANY software on my computer at work. So I can’t do any image editing….ARGH!

Well, that’s not important right now. Please note the links on the right hand side of the page. Not all of these will be here for each entry, and there are some you haven’t seen yet. Right now I filled up as much as I could. I would like to point out that the Literature link will have my own works in them. At least, that is the plan. I also hope to have some kind of picture to go with each entry. The inspiration for this addition to my ramblings is a.lifeuncommon.org. I intend to infuse things here with more of my artistic endaeavors, partly to keep myself active, and partly to justify making complete strangers listen to my incessant babbling.