Fun at the Titty Twister

March 16, 2006

You're Seth Gecko, you bastard.
Fun at the Titty Twister.

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I am amazed at how often I sit and stare at a blank entry. I don’t know why it is, but I just can’t seem to get started. Once the flow of babble commences however….

Well, a good chunk of time has passed. I’m not sure whether not much happened or a lot happened, but here we go.

First of all, I have a mouth full of metal. This is simultaneously exciting and annoying as hell. The first week (02/24/06) was just the braces themselves, and that took some adjustment but all in all I found it passable after the first 3-4 days. However! A week later (3/3/06) they installed some other thingy in the roof of my mouth which will (hopefully) prevent them needing to pull some teeth. This has proved to be much more difficult to adjust to.

For one thing, I can no longer touch the roof of my mouth with my tongue. While this is not uncomfortable per se, it has made my enunciation quite a chore. It also has made eating more difficult because copious amounts of food get stuck not only under my braces but also between the roof of my mouth and this device. I better have a dazzling smile when all is said and done….. <grumble>

I also have my Insulin Pump which I have been wanting for a few years now. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get Allina to organize themselves enough to get me into their Beginning Insulin Pump class that I “have” to take. I am growing more and more tempted by the day to just hook the thing up and start using it. Still, I am doing my best to maintain some composure and I’m sure that I will be enjoying the benefits of uber-technology quite soon.

Tonight, Raven, Eric, and I are off to see V for Vendetta in IMAX! I’ll check in with you again soon…..

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Sounds Like Whoop

December 21, 2005




Well, no part in Taming of the Shrew for me. S’allright. I think I will look into taking a Java Programming class at Saint Paul College instead. I’m getting new benefits this year (thanks to the acquisition of my parent company) and I intend to squeeze every last drop out of them I can.

Some of the aforementioned squeezing will be making up for lost time on a couple of goals from last year. Specifically, I am going to be making appointments for Orthodontics and an Insulin Pump as soon as humanly possible.

It’s really getting to be darn near Christmas already isn’t it? The bulk of the shopping that needs to be done is done. There are a few loose ends yet of course and I doubt that the packages that need to be shipped will arrive in time. Oh well. Best intentions right?

Raven & I just had a nice gathering of peeps over to watch Love Actually. Such a good film. I watch a movie like that which has so many plots and so many characters and I marvel that it is possible to pull off such a great film when so many others can’t escape something that disappoints me. Are my standards that high? (For films anyways….smart asses….)

We’ll talk again soon. For now, please enjoy this fine meme:

Go into your archives and look at your first post of each month. Choose the last sentence (or last “line”) of each entry and post it next to the correct month.

January: So I guess I’ve got some work to do…

February: Now if only there were a handy set of explanations for what I should do now….

March: I don’t know what I’m going to do after Season 10 comes out. I’ll have to start buying her some other series or something!

April: <Technical Difficulties>

May: I will be returning to the stage, in a production of Elizabeth Rex for The New Place.


July: I haven’t a great deal else to talk about just now…. but I’ll see if I can’t have something new up on Monday…

August: We wanna win that trip to Los Angeles to see U2!

September: Remember: It’s always darkest just before they turn on the lights.

October: (There actually are none… but honourable mention goes to the last entry of September.) Fuckin’ A

November: Therefore, maybe we should give the west coast a try?

December: I certainly don’t believe I’m too old for the part I’m interested in, but then again, I am not the director….

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December 9, 2005

I stole this one from sageincave.

Ten Things Google Thinks I Need

  1. Geoffrey Needs A Date
  2. Geoffrey needs to present the new public procedure to Gary and get his agreement.
  3. Geoffrey needs no introduction to Newington as he is a regular visitor here and
    every time he just keeps getting better and better.
  4. Geoffrey needs only to translate this book of mysterious origins.
  5. Geoffrey needs help fast.
  6. Geoffrey needs some adult involvement in both his solitary and group play, at least for a while, in order for him to make the most of those experiences.
  7. Geoffrey needs to get info on the refurbish program.
  8. Geoffrey needs to see his general practitioner
  9. Geoffrey needs to marry for money
  10. Geoffrey needs to curb Mark’s philandering ways.




Geoffrey needs to update his blog more than once a month…..

Still a little sleepy today. Went to the 12:01 showing of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe last night. I thought it was a pretty good effort. I was not as impressed/awed as I was by LOTR, and there were some choices made that confused and/or confounded me, but it was enough to make me want to dust off the old books and eagerly anticipate future big screen adaptations.

Coincidentally, that last paragraph would pretty much sum up my thoughts on the celluloid version of Rent. A good effort yielding an OK film experience that really just makes me want to see a good touring production again….

In other news, I am still waiting to see if my auditions for Taming of the Shrew will bear any fruit. I’m a bit mixed in my thoughts on it, because while I would love to have a good part in the play, I would also love to take some classes this year whilst my employer will foot the bill. Therefore, I am less interested in taking a part in the show that I’m not all that jazzed about, which I believe, is probably all that’s on the table at this point anyway. I certainly don’t believe I’m too old for the part I’m interested in, but then again, I am not the director….

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Grand Old Daze

June 14, 2005
Grand Old Day 2005




Elizabeth Rex has closed. Due to cost constraints, we only ran one weekend, so we packed six performances into 4 days. Add the ordinary stress of tech week, a strike Sunday night, and a FIVE HOUR interview on Monday morning….and I’m a little wiped out.

Kaiser and I were able to spend a little bit of time together at Grand Old Day. A little bit of time meaning, long enough for me to buy a Corn Dog (No Pronto-Pups, damnit), and then turn around and walk home so I could sling pizzas. (You can read his scandalous account of the day here.)

It still kills me the number of people who still refer to it as “Grand old Days”. It hasn’t been DAYS in years. I miss it. It used to be more of a festival. Now it feels too calculated. Give ’em a few hours to wander the streets on Sunday afternoon then herd everyone into a local bar and have the streets open by 7PM. Bah.

Believe it or not, GOD (now there’s an acronym for ya) was the last chance I had for a little R & R. In addition to the work on REX, I’ve also had a Phone Interview or a face-to-face interview nearly every day. One day I had two interviews back to back, and on Monday I had a FIVE HOUR interview. (That one was with different people and included a lunch break, but seriously!)

Finally, last night was the Midnight showing of Batman Begins in IMAX. You’ll have to wait for a more in-depth analysis, but I’ll leave you with this:


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The Dark Side

May 13, 2005



So I would have posted news earlier… but I’ve been too busy watching the new trailer for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on repeat all last night and this morning. It’s amazing that even after Episode I and II, which I enjoyed enough but also carried some pretty lousy dialogue and plot, I still get goosebumps watching the trailer for Episode III.

OK. Granted that’s not why I haven’t posted. I’ve been a little bit overwhelmed by things lately, and believe it or not, I don’t like to think of this as just a place for me to bitch and moan about my life. So when I can’t think of anything positive to say…I tend not to say anything at all.

So, like I say, the quote above is not mine. It is the news from Ctrl-Alt-Del the day after the Ep. III trailer was released. (See the T icon on the left, if you’ve been living in a cave…) What struck me about it is that it mirrors almost exactly my feelings on the subject. Granted, anyone who’s talked to me even after Ep. I knows that I’ve been wary of critiquing the films at all, because I feel like I need to know where it’s going to leave us at the end of this film to know if it was worth the first two not quite living up to my expectations. (Disclaimer: I really like Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, and Kill Bill Vol. I & II, but I thought both would have been better if they had been one film. Both sets of films suffer from what I can only describe as a feeling of unevenness. The first of both were more action oriented and the second of each were more cerebral.)

As you may have guessed,
Raven and I are going to see a Midnight showing of Ep. III on Wednesday.

Otherwise, there’s a lot to tell, and I don’t want to do it all today, but let me see if I can sum up.

  • My last contracted ended and I am unemployed.
  • Recently, I got really sick and vomited so much I tore a hole in my esophagus, causing me to spend a week in the hospital. WEE! (Yes, I’m feeling much better now.)
  • My wife and I were introduced by friends to Movieoke, which we are now semi-famous for. (The article actually says we are “slick”.)
  • I will be returning to the stage, in a production of Elizabeth Rex for The New Place.
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