House Arrest

July 17, 2013
Alonzo trying to keep me incapacitated.

Alonzo trying to keep me incapacitated.

See that?  That’s the world’s most adorable cat, pinning me down when I’m trying to drag myself out of  bed.

So yeah, that’s the reason you haven’t been hearing from me.  Totally.

Still, most of the time I run into people I haven’t see in a while I get the standard “What’ve you been up to?” and invariably my answer is “I dunno.  Same-old, same-old.”

But, I can think of at least a couple of newer things I’ve been up to, so I’ll recount them here.

First off, I have decided that I am going to learn how to program.  Like with a real computer language and everything.  So I’m about half-way through a semester of Java Programming I at Saint Paul College.  I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to focus on Java Programming in General, Mobile Application Development, or Video Game Design.

I’ve also been involved in the creation of Fearless Comedy Productions.  So far we are comprised almost exclusively of Vilification Tennis cast members, but we’ve got some lofty goals, and I’m optimistic that they can be achieved.

Speaking of Fearless, I’ve even done some stand-up comedy at our “Fearless Lab” a couple of times.  It’s a little different than I expected but I did really enjoy it.  I guess the next step is to start going to Open Mics and try, try, try again.

Now if I can just get this cat to let me go…

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Rock Star!

July 22, 2005
You're the Rock Star!
You’re the Rock Star!
Take What sort of Hipster are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Personality Test Generator.




Fuck college, fuck a “real” job! Music is your life! You’re a hometown hero! You’re in at least two local bands and are thinking of forming a third. You sleep on your friend’s couch, eat your friend’s food, and borrow your friend’s car. You frequent the dark city bars and hang with the other rockers and groupies. You wear dirty jeans, well-worn t-shirts, and your hair is a mess. You’re sinister and mysterious and look as if you don’t give a shit. You worship the Rolling Stones, MC5, and your older brother’s band. You’re gonna make it big one of these days, you can just feel it.

No, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Raven and I got the same answer…. makes one wonder if there should be laws against such marriages….

Yes I realize it’s been a little while…however, there’s not all that much to report. Raven and I are starting up rehearsals for a play, I am still interviewing for a new job, and I have been sucked into Guild Wars despite all of my efforts to the contrary. It’s actually quite enjoyable, and unlike most MMORPGs, it does not have a monthly fee.

I haven’t a great deal else to talk about just now…. but I’ll see if I can’t have something new up on Monday…


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The Dark Side

May 13, 2005



So I would have posted news earlier… but I’ve been too busy watching the new trailer for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on repeat all last night and this morning. It’s amazing that even after Episode I and II, which I enjoyed enough but also carried some pretty lousy dialogue and plot, I still get goosebumps watching the trailer for Episode III.

OK. Granted that’s not why I haven’t posted. I’ve been a little bit overwhelmed by things lately, and believe it or not, I don’t like to think of this as just a place for me to bitch and moan about my life. So when I can’t think of anything positive to say…I tend not to say anything at all.

So, like I say, the quote above is not mine. It is the news from Ctrl-Alt-Del the day after the Ep. III trailer was released. (See the T icon on the left, if you’ve been living in a cave…) What struck me about it is that it mirrors almost exactly my feelings on the subject. Granted, anyone who’s talked to me even after Ep. I knows that I’ve been wary of critiquing the films at all, because I feel like I need to know where it’s going to leave us at the end of this film to know if it was worth the first two not quite living up to my expectations. (Disclaimer: I really like Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, and Kill Bill Vol. I & II, but I thought both would have been better if they had been one film. Both sets of films suffer from what I can only describe as a feeling of unevenness. The first of both were more action oriented and the second of each were more cerebral.)

As you may have guessed,
Raven and I are going to see a Midnight showing of Ep. III on Wednesday.

Otherwise, there’s a lot to tell, and I don’t want to do it all today, but let me see if I can sum up.

  • My last contracted ended and I am unemployed.
  • Recently, I got really sick and vomited so much I tore a hole in my esophagus, causing me to spend a week in the hospital. WEE! (Yes, I’m feeling much better now.)
  • My wife and I were introduced by friends to Movieoke, which we are now semi-famous for. (The article actually says we are “slick”.)
  • I will be returning to the stage, in a production of Elizabeth Rex for The New Place.
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Bats on the Brain

March 8, 2005

Hehe…sweet. Batman in IMAX!

Of course, I’ve been burned on this kind of thing before. Matrix Revolutions was supposed to have been released simultaneously in IMAX as well…but the big Movie Theatre chains pressured the distributors into dropping that idea. Couldn’t stand the “competition”.

If you’ve never seen a film in IMAX, I’d highly recommend it. The picture is awesome, as you’d expect, but I actually thought the sound was stellar as well. There were some ambient sounds in Revolutions that I didn’t notice the first time I’d seen it.
In other new, I’m onto Dark Tower V, and so far I’m really digging it. (And please, no comments about how the series ends…I’ve already overheard snippets of conversation about it and I have no desire to know anything about it!)

On the way home tonight I am going to pickup Friends Season Nine and Pre-Order The Matrix Online. Something for Raven and something for me. I don’t know what I’m going to do after Season 10 comes out. I’ll have to start buying her some other series or something!



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A Shot in the Dark

December 6, 2004






I’m not sure why I’ve got Star Wars on the brain lately, but at least I’m not the only one!

The funny thing is, I saw the shirt in my Think Geek Newsletter and thought it was hilarious, but I did not realize it comes from the same brain that PvP comes from! BTW Scott, (in case he checks his referrer logs) I realize that I know very little about webcomics, but I do know that every other one I read manages to get their comics up by NOON! <wink>

Sorry so quiet around these parts of late. I’m a little dazed regarding my remaining days of higher education. I have a lot of work to finish up in that rapidly diminishing timeframe.

Of course, staying up late and working on finding a decent photo of myself to use as a headshot doesn’t really help matters. And, then I had to scan it. Then, I had to crop it. THEN,I had to remove Raven from the picture. Oy. I think I did an OK job of it however. How does this look?

Geoffrey Hofman-Frethem Headshot

Hopefully this audition will be more fruitful than the last one. Wow. It’s been awhile. Amazing the crimp an 18-month academic program can put in your style.

The show wouldn’t even open until May, so at least I’d still get a little down time. I dunno, there’s a part of me that already is trying to plot what I should do to make use of my upcoming free time in the evenings. More school or studying for a Network+ or a CCNA? A new part-time job to help make ends meet? Start trying to make money on ebay?

Actually, I think I should get started on my new career as a lottery winner….

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