November 19, 2003

Man, I really was hoping to have had a nice shiny new Alienware laptop to speak to my faithful readers. Alas, it was not meant to be. After patiently awaiting FedEx to figure out where my laptop was…(editors note: FedEx Employees…not always the brightest bulbs….)  I opened up the trendy Alienware box to discover a nice shiny notebook…that was NOT what I ordered. In fact, it was what someone else ordered. Turns out, somebody else got my laptop and I got his!


At any rate, my Conspiracy Blue Area-51m is still somewhere in Miami, awaiting the final go-ahead (again) for Alienware to ship it to me. I’ve already called and yelled, and emailed and yelled, and called and yelled again, but I guess I can’t really give a thumbs up or down until I actually have the damn thing. They have offered me some bucks for my troubles, which I can’t decide if I should spend on Books or Video Games. (Raven of course thinks I should buy a certain DVD, but we shall see….)

MultiMayhem X is this Saturday. On the one hand, I’m excited to go since I haven’t been to a good LAN Party in some time….however, Ye Olde PIII 500 may not be quite up to snuff anymore. Oh well, I’ll have my fancy-shmancy notebook next time….I hope…..

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