Gobble, Gobble!

November 29, 2003

I hope everyone had themselves a happy Turkey Day. I was hoping to also celebrate Buy Nothing Day but unfortunately Best Buy lured me to their store for some goodies. Damn those mail-in-rebates! My record has been pretty good with them of late, I’ve only missed 1 out of the last 5 or so, and that wasn’t because I forgot, but because I misplaced a UPC….oh well…..

Oh yeah, BTW, if you are ever waiting and waiting and waiting for something to arrive….try posting about it on your Blog. Apparently, once you’ve posted about how something has been taking a long time, you can then check your email and see that it has in fact been shipped to you. That’s exactly what happened with my Alienware Laptop. I finally have the ellusive computer and am attempting to bring it up to my current standards. It’s amazing how many things you have to load and tweak on a new system. I’d forgotten.

P.S. I can’t believe how long I’ve had to wait for Tron 2.0 to be shipped to me from that ebay auction I haven’t won yet…….

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  1. raven says:

    Wow…you are a geek! And I married you…yikes!!!
    Don’t worry, there’s a buy nothing day every year…we’re bound to get it right at some point…