And then?

December 25, 2004

Take that in any form you’d like. You could be a DJ, you could paint, you could write, you could even code. Still, you hold whatever you do as Art. You are passionate, and you can also try too hard.

What kind of goth are you?
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It is done. I have turned in all my work. I do not have to go back on Monday. I am free. Granted, that’s just my academic life, but a burden has been lifted.

Now, this holiday season has been quite a weird one. I’ve been largely pre-occupied with my studies so Christmas itself kinda snuck up on me. This is also the first year in over 20 that I haven’t gone out of town for Christmas. Usually the whole family goes up north. After I tricked Raven into our marriage, we’ve alternated locales between up north and the Michigan family. Even though we were abandoned by my family this year, it was in fact Michigan’s turn. Unfortunately, the scheduling gods were not kind to Raven, and we are unable to make our trek.

So, here we are. We stopped over at some relatives on my father’s side of the family whom we don’t usually get to see last night. Today, we basically decided to lounge about, open our presents, and watch DVDs. I’m particularly fond of Nightmare Before Christmas Jacket that Raven got me, the copy of The Dark Knight Strikes Again from the ‘rents, and my new U2 CD from my Aunt & cousins. The gifts that I am proudest of are the Marilyn Manson T-Shirt for Raven and the Nostromo for Kaiser.

As the year winds down, we’re looking forward to the New Year’s shindig thrown by NQTYD & No Name Slob. Beyond that, I think I’m just gonna take it easy for a while.

I think I still remember how.

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  1. Raven says:

    You are… a Night Goth!

    You could be anyone by day, when the only thing that could give you away is the occasional band shirt and all the EBM in your cd collection. You probably have a day job, have alot of other interests besides goth, or are just too lazy to dress up for anything besides a club night. I bet you love 80’s music.

    What kind of goth are you?
    Created by ptocheia