House Arrest

July 17, 2013
Alonzo trying to keep me incapacitated.

Alonzo trying to keep me incapacitated.

See that?  That’s the world’s most adorable cat, pinning me down when I’m trying to drag myself out of  bed.

So yeah, that’s the reason you haven’t been hearing from me.  Totally.

Still, most of the time I run into people I haven’t see in a while I get the standard “What’ve you been up to?” and invariably my answer is “I dunno.  Same-old, same-old.”

But, I can think of at least a couple of newer things I’ve been up to, so I’ll recount them here.

First off, I have decided that I am going to learn how to program.  Like with a real computer language and everything.  So I’m about half-way through a semester of Java Programming I at Saint Paul College.  I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to focus on Java Programming in General, Mobile Application Development, or Video Game Design.

I’ve also been involved in the creation of Fearless Comedy Productions.  So far we are comprised almost exclusively of Vilification Tennis cast members, but we’ve got some lofty goals, and I’m optimistic that they can be achieved.

Speaking of Fearless, I’ve even done some stand-up comedy at our “Fearless Lab” a couple of times.  It’s a little different than I expected but I did really enjoy it.  I guess the next step is to start going to Open Mics and try, try, try again.

Now if I can just get this cat to let me go…

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Sounds Like Whoop

December 21, 2005




Well, no part in Taming of the Shrew for me. S’allright. I think I will look into taking a Java Programming class at Saint Paul College instead. I’m getting new benefits this year (thanks to the acquisition of my parent company) and I intend to squeeze every last drop out of them I can.

Some of the aforementioned squeezing will be making up for lost time on a couple of goals from last year. Specifically, I am going to be making appointments for Orthodontics and an Insulin Pump as soon as humanly possible.

It’s really getting to be darn near Christmas already isn’t it? The bulk of the shopping that needs to be done is done. There are a few loose ends yet of course and I doubt that the packages that need to be shipped will arrive in time. Oh well. Best intentions right?

Raven & I just had a nice gathering of peeps over to watch Love Actually. Such a good film. I watch a movie like that which has so many plots and so many characters and I marvel that it is possible to pull off such a great film when so many others can’t escape something that disappoints me. Are my standards that high? (For films anyways….smart asses….)

We’ll talk again soon. For now, please enjoy this fine meme:

Go into your archives and look at your first post of each month. Choose the last sentence (or last “line”) of each entry and post it next to the correct month.

January: So I guess I’ve got some work to do…

February: Now if only there were a handy set of explanations for what I should do now….

March: I don’t know what I’m going to do after Season 10 comes out. I’ll have to start buying her some other series or something!

April: <Technical Difficulties>

May: I will be returning to the stage, in a production of Elizabeth Rex for The New Place.


July: I haven’t a great deal else to talk about just now…. but I’ll see if I can’t have something new up on Monday…

August: We wanna win that trip to Los Angeles to see U2!

September: Remember: It’s always darkest just before they turn on the lights.

October: (There actually are none… but honourable mention goes to the last entry of September.) Fuckin’ A

November: Therefore, maybe we should give the west coast a try?

December: I certainly don’t believe I’m too old for the part I’m interested in, but then again, I am not the director….

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And then?

December 25, 2004

Take that in any form you’d like. You could be a DJ, you could paint, you could write, you could even code. Still, you hold whatever you do as Art. You are passionate, and you can also try too hard.

What kind of goth are you?
Created by ptocheia




It is done. I have turned in all my work. I do not have to go back on Monday. I am free. Granted, that’s just my academic life, but a burden has been lifted.

Now, this holiday season has been quite a weird one. I’ve been largely pre-occupied with my studies so Christmas itself kinda snuck up on me. This is also the first year in over 20 that I haven’t gone out of town for Christmas. Usually the whole family goes up north. After I tricked Raven into our marriage, we’ve alternated locales between up north and the Michigan family. Even though we were abandoned by my family this year, it was in fact Michigan’s turn. Unfortunately, the scheduling gods were not kind to Raven, and we are unable to make our trek.

So, here we are. We stopped over at some relatives on my father’s side of the family whom we don’t usually get to see last night. Today, we basically decided to lounge about, open our presents, and watch DVDs. I’m particularly fond of Nightmare Before Christmas Jacket that Raven got me, the copy of The Dark Knight Strikes Again from the ‘rents, and my new U2 CD from my Aunt & cousins. The gifts that I am proudest of are the Marilyn Manson T-Shirt for Raven and the Nostromo for Kaiser.

As the year winds down, we’re looking forward to the New Year’s shindig thrown by NQTYD & No Name Slob. Beyond that, I think I’m just gonna take it easy for a while.

I think I still remember how.

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…almost there…

December 16, 2004

You are .mpg You live life like it was a movie.  Constantly in motion, you bring pleasure to many, but are often hidden away.
Which File Extension are You?

OK. I think I’m a little less stressed than the last time I posted. I still have a boat loat of work to do for school, but I actually think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There hasn’t really been time for much else besides my studies… I did get to go see Blade Trinity on Wednesday. It was a kinda weird work thing. Free Lunch and a Movie. It was a little weird to see a movie at 12:30 and then be free for the afternoon. Of course, I had some homework and a Financial Aid Exit Interview to attend to, so the enjoyment of said free time was slight.

And yeah, school is expensive. They had a summary of every loan I’ve take out for Brown, including my PC-LAN Certificate loans from 1996!

So yeah, my brain is about $55,776 in the hole.





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A Shot in the Dark

December 6, 2004






I’m not sure why I’ve got Star Wars on the brain lately, but at least I’m not the only one!

The funny thing is, I saw the shirt in my Think Geek Newsletter and thought it was hilarious, but I did not realize it comes from the same brain that PvP comes from! BTW Scott, (in case he checks his referrer logs) I realize that I know very little about webcomics, but I do know that every other one I read manages to get their comics up by NOON! <wink>

Sorry so quiet around these parts of late. I’m a little dazed regarding my remaining days of higher education. I have a lot of work to finish up in that rapidly diminishing timeframe.

Of course, staying up late and working on finding a decent photo of myself to use as a headshot doesn’t really help matters. And, then I had to scan it. Then, I had to crop it. THEN,I had to remove Raven from the picture. Oy. I think I did an OK job of it however. How does this look?

Geoffrey Hofman-Frethem Headshot

Hopefully this audition will be more fruitful than the last one. Wow. It’s been awhile. Amazing the crimp an 18-month academic program can put in your style.

The show wouldn’t even open until May, so at least I’d still get a little down time. I dunno, there’s a part of me that already is trying to plot what I should do to make use of my upcoming free time in the evenings. More school or studying for a Network+ or a CCNA? A new part-time job to help make ends meet? Start trying to make money on ebay?

Actually, I think I should get started on my new career as a lottery winner….

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