Do not adjust your sets…

June 9, 2004

That’s right….you’re not quite rid of me yet! I don’t know that y’all would necessarily be inclined to hear me prattle on about what I’ve been doing during this seemingly endless gap in posts, so I will endeavor to be brief.


I think that about sums it up.

OK, here’s the slightly more verbose version:

Work: I’ve been working a lot…no, really, a lot. Between co-worker’s vacations (scheduled & unscheduled), mountains of backlog, changing system requirements, new processes, and the amazing level of PEBKAC errors on the part of requesters….let’s just say it’s been a challenge…

School: I really don’t like my Management Classes. Marketing is the better of the two in my opinion but the Human Resource Management class is redefining dull. Raven made the mistake of offering to read some of my textbook aloud while we were driving and she almost required heroic measures to revive. Did I mention it was dull?

House: We are hopefully nearly done with what has gone from a relatively minor sprucing up of our 2nd Bedroom/Office into more of an Office/Guestroom into major Trading Spaces style kung fu. We have primed the walls and removed most of the ceiling tiles from the land of ugly and the “insulation” from the land of I-think-this-is-insulation-but-it-sure-looks-awful and are prepared to Paint, Re-Insulate, & Re-Ceiling.

Did I mention the house needs to be done by this Monday and I only have two more weeks before the end of the quarter and a whole bunch of projects that I’ve barely had time to think about are due?

Yeah, I thought I did



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  1. raven says:

    Hey sweetie…I sure love you and all, but you used the not-really-a-word “alot.” You even italicized it. I don’t know that our relationship can continue with such a disregard of language.
    Then again, you finally updated! Not that I can talk, until the room in question is finished and I can get my blog on once again.

  2. GSeven says:

    OK. First of all, I have fixed my grammar faux pas. Secondly, after fixing that (and one other typo) MS Word says there is nothing wrong with my post! And I rambled…alot… 😉

  3. susan says:

    tee hee hee… i’ve not heard pebkac for ages. my favourite error code after RTFM.

  4. Susan says:

    well…life does have a tendancy to get in the way a lot of the time…But the alternative isn’t acceptable to me, as I am sure it isn’t you either so why do we complain so much when life takes control of our time?
    When and if you find the answer to that question, be sure you let me know too, okay?

  5. Kaiser says:

    IT LIVES! Sorry to hear your school is boring, but eh… it is Brown College you know. What are you getting the house ready for? What’s on Monday?