Full Circle

December 9, 2003

Please remain seated and keep your arms and feet inside until the car comes to a complete stop and the safety restraints are raised….

OK. So, last week on Tuesday I was told that it would be my last day of my contract. They wanted to let me know that they were very happy with my work, but there was no money in the budget. If I wanted to return down the road and they had an opening I would be the first one called….yada yada yada….

I took this news more or less in stride. It’s not the first time a contract I was working ended unexpectedly and I try to maintain a healthy attitude in general and believe that everything that happens is meant to happen. Maybe this would lead to a different/better (Yeah, by better I mean more $$$) position. I was all set to go out on a one day contract doing a PC rollout tomorrow.

So I get this call today, “They want you back, can you start tomorrow morning?”. So yeah, basically, I got a nice week off with no pay, so they could get their act together and pay for me for at least another year.

Then, earlier tonight, I was IMed by the guy I worked with. I was all set to surprise him with the news that I would be there tomorrow, when he says that today was his last day. So, I have to go into work tomorrow, do the work of 2 people (since my coworker is gone) and really not have anything to show for the last week of my life.

P.S. On a brighter note, the results of this online quiz made me laugh……

Fight Club
Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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  1. raven says:

    I just hate to see those sad little zeros in the comments section…all fat and bloated and naive…so here I am to save the day!
    BTW…you need to update your deja vu…I know the last movie you saw was *not* FD2…get on the stick yo!
    (and for the record this was more work than I planned…I had to fix typos, then when I tried to fix some, I accidentally started typing them in l337, and now I’m just afraid…)

  2. GSeven says:

    Good Lord! I really need to get your blog up and running don’t I…you have too much free Internet time…..

  3. jealoustwin says:

    i got fight club too!
    i was aiming for ‘honey i shrunk the kids’! doh!!!