October 29, 2004

Get Fuzzy




Oy. This has been a long week.

Let’s see. First there was Raven‘s party last Saturday. The preparations went down to the wire, and were so close to being disastrous that I was actually ordered to call people and cancel. As we progressed however, we simply delayed the start time an hour and re-invited those who nearly had their plans changed for the evening.

The party went really well I think. The costumes were again impressive. Unfortunately, I do not have the photographic evidence I was able to provide last year, due to a severe lack of a digital camera. However, there were some photos taken, so once those are developed and scanned they will be posted.

Then, we have to talk about my Parent’s House. Kaiser, Raven, & I worked tirelessly Monday night and practically all day on Tuesday trying to secure all valuables and jettison all garbage from the house. This was largely successful, however, we were not done late Tuesday evening. At this point, my parents called and said that there would be an escrow put in for the buyer, so that if anything remained in the house on Monday, November 1st, he would get $3000 to have it cleaned out. Satisfied that we had a few more days and a weekend to finish up we went home.

The next day: CHAOS!

Apparently, the realtor didn’t clear this idea with the buyer, and the buyer wanted to walk away from the deal altogether because he thought the house hadn’t been worked on at all. This was not only obviously not true, but very frustrating as well. I would swear that this guy is seriously just trying to bilk my folks. This is not the first time he’s “surprised” us. However, the solution was to push the closing back to Monday, and a crew is being hired to clean out the house. Basically, anything left in the house on Thursday morning was disposed of. Wednesday night I was able to get a big load of stuff to Goodwill, a load to our storage unit, and packed my car to the gills with everything else.

As I drove away at 3:43 AM it was a very odd feeling. It didn’t feel like goodbye. At least now my involvement in the whole fiasco should be over. Maybe I’ll stop by on my way home to see if all is well.

So, last night, I went home from work and slept. Now all I have to worry about this weekend is the election. Does it have to be such a nail-biter? Hey, check out Mosh. It’s amazing. I only hope that enough of today’s youth gets to see it and understand the power of its message. Come November 2nd, we will be heard.

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