Am I Wasted?

October 21, 2004





It’s ok. I’ve given myself a timeout.

The Management of would like to apologize for the tone of the previous post. It was a bit heavy-handed and is not the sort of discourse that (I hope) you have come to expect from my humble little blog.

However, life has been getting to me a little bit lately. Something had to give. Steam had to be vented.

Just to recap: I am currently working full-time, attending my last (thank god) quarter of college full-time ( days), trying to clear out my parents house, and preparing our house (paint, move furniture, etc.) for Raven‘s birthday party.

Work has been a bit of a drag too. I started this contract over a year ago now, when the IT market was more than a little bleaker. The pay rate is the lowest I have been paid in eight years. There have been promises of a raise that has been delayed again and again. Currently, I’ve been given half what I was originally told. <grr>

So yes, GSeven is grumpy. However, he’s also amused to see that he’s the #1 search result on yahoo for Am I Doesn’t seem like a URL one would forget…

Sorry surfers, no pictures of wasted people here. However, the kitty is up for adoption.

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