Going Postal

February 28, 2003

IDS Tower

Good Lord! I am really, really, ready to reach out and strangle someone!!

Umm, oh, err, Hi there! Sorry about that little emotional outburst, but I fear that my frits are wayed. Yeah……did I mention that I hate people? When I say people I don’t mean all people, I mean those people. You know……PEOPLE!!

I’m even willing to give all those Minnesota drivers out there a break, (Editors Note: Notice, I did NOT use the word brake. We do not condone those types of puns here.) and just concentrate on the people at hand. Specifically, every single employee of the City of Minneapolis.

<Rant Mode Off>

Can you believe it’s March already? (I realize it’s not ’till tomorrow…just go with me) I mean, if it’s March, that means that SuperAmerica is going to have Shamrock cookies! And if SA has Shamrock cookies, then it’s almost St. Patricks Day. And if SA has Shamrock cookies and it’s almost St. Patricks Day then it’s almost my Birthday! And if blah blah blah I’m ALMOST TWENTY-SEVEN!


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