Grand Old Daze

June 14, 2005
Grand Old Day 2005




Elizabeth Rex has closed. Due to cost constraints, we only ran one weekend, so we packed six performances into 4 days. Add the ordinary stress of tech week, a strike Sunday night, and a FIVE HOUR interview on Monday morning….and I’m a little wiped out.

Kaiser and I were able to spend a little bit of time together at Grand Old Day. A little bit of time meaning, long enough for me to buy a Corn Dog (No Pronto-Pups, damnit), and then turn around and walk home so I could sling pizzas. (You can read his scandalous account of the day here.)

It still kills me the number of people who still refer to it as “Grand old Days”. It hasn’t been DAYS in years. I miss it. It used to be more of a festival. Now it feels too calculated. Give ’em a few hours to wander the streets on Sunday afternoon then herd everyone into a local bar and have the streets open by 7PM. Bah.

Believe it or not, GOD (now there’s an acronym for ya) was the last chance I had for a little R & R. In addition to the work on REX, I’ve also had a Phone Interview or a face-to-face interview nearly every day. One day I had two interviews back to back, and on Monday I had a FIVE HOUR interview. (That one was with different people and included a lunch break, but seriously!)

Finally, last night was the Midnight showing of Batman Begins in IMAX. You’ll have to wait for a more in-depth analysis, but I’ll leave you with this:


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  1. Susan says:

    I agree with your comments on what used to be…”Grand Ol Days”…since they changed it to Grand Old Day I haven’t been…it doesn’t sound as fun as it once was.