September 3, 2003


I need somebody (Help)
not just anybody (Help)
You know I need somone (HELP!)

Right. So. Umm. I think I need a nap. I think I need a long nap. In fact, I think a coma is in order at this point. I’d like to point out that I’m just not a kid anymore. Of course, I was a kid when this sign must have been posted. According to 911dispatch, it was apparently December of 1982 when 911 was introduced in Minneapolis/St.Paul. This sign has been conspicuously left above the drinking fountain of the company I am contracted to for the rest of the month. Gotta love the cutting edge…

And hey, while you’re here…the link and text are from

Recall No! Democracy Yes!
This pledge is a national effort to mobilize one million California voters in the recall election. Please sign the pledge no matter where you live and please ask friends and family in California to sign the pledge and to remember to vote October 7.

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