I’m Batman

February 18, 2005

Which member of the JLA are you?


Losing his parents to a tragic mugging, Bruce Wayne took a vow to wage a one man war on crime. Using the image of the bat to strike fear into criminals, he dons the guise of the Dark Knight after the sun sets. A genius detective and scientist he is a valuable member to the League even without powers

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Big shock for y’all I’m sure.

I’m in sort of a funk lately, so I apologize for the empty screen real estate. I think I expected a little more to have coincided with my graduation, but just about everything is the same. I have more free time technically, but it doesn’t feel like it.

Work is playing a big part in my being in the doldrums. I keep working more and more and yet I’m getting nothing back. Well, I’m getting paid and all, but even that isn’t necessarily on an equitable basis right now.

I have been able to play a little more PC games, but that hardly feels like an accomplishment. I dunno. I’m just getting really fed up of biding my time. Hopefully something will start making sense soon.


  • The tale of IKEA shoppin’
  • Upcoming films that are getting me all worked up
  • More thrilling exciting things TBD

BTW, I really had no idea on the Medallion this year. It seems to work that way, last year I was literally a few feet away, this year I never even got out to a park. The explanations for this year’s clues are below.

Now if only there were a handy set of explanations for what I should do now….

2005 Treasure Hunt clues and explanation
Clue 1
The old curmudgeon was in high dudgeon
When a critter ran off with the loot
But this year to be credible, we

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Funny… I also got Batman. I was hoping for the cupcake kid personally. 😉

  2. Nina says:

    And I thought I’d be Wonder Woman! I’m Green Lantern. Interesting, since he was always my favorite back in my mis-spent youth.