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January 26, 2005

Raven & I @ NQTYD & No Name Slob’s




Sometimes being a perfectionist isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

OK, so I have literally spent weeks trying to finish some stupid new years meme. It’s included in the extended text of this entry… but it’s not finished! Nor will it be! I am moving on!

Speaking of, I have gotten to Wizard and Glass, so at least one of my quasi-resolutions is on track! I’m also pretty damn pumped about my new cellphone! As you probably noticed on the right-hand side of this here browser window is my flickr badge. I’ll try to keep it interesting.

Other than that not much is happening but it is again Winter Carnival time so please lemme know what you think of the following clues!

Today's Clue -- January 26, 2005
The siren calls, the giant falls
'Tween field generals the poet sings
That down beyond the once blue pond
Is treasure fit for kings
Clue #3 -- January 25
Be safe and we pledge, neither cliff nor water's edge
Figures in your hunting pursuit
What's that you hear? Please, have no fear
It was there before we moved in
Clue #2 -- January 24
Snow we have missed much, this not very white Christmas
But the ice has come to stay
The water's quite frozen at this park we have chosen
Along its paths you may while time away
Clue #1 -- January 23
The old curmudgeon was in high dudgeon
When a critter ran off with the loot
But this year to be credible, we've made it inedible
And stuck it in a park

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