November 15, 2004

GSeven & Raven @ Market Bar-B-Que on Halloween




Three tomatoes are walking down the street…

Yeah. Well, the picture above is one of Raven & I on Halloween at Market Bar-B-Q in Minneapolis. She was a showgirl. I was some kind of Batman-esque guy in a fetishy getup©. We had a pretty good time hanging out there Oct 31st. Raven even snagged 3rd place in the costume contest!

Raven Party '04

This photo is from what I’ve dubbed Raven Party ’04. From left to right, that’s me as Silent Bob, Tanja as Catwoman, Jewbakka as the Big Bad Wolf, Lloyd as a Greek God, Raven, & No Name Slob as William "Bill" Blake from Dead Man. NQYTD, who is not in the picture, was a quite convincing Shaun of the Dead.

Speaking of my blogging brethren, (and sistren) the four of us went to see the Blogumentary World Premiere. Raven & I also got to meet Equipose and we all had dinner. The Film was excellent. I’m sure that after I get my DVD copy I can offer up some actual constructive criticism, but after only one viewing I just think it was good. Of course, I also need to find $25 to donate to the relief fund to get that DVD….

Ummm. Oh yeah. The Diabetes Walk was yesterday. Tanja, Raven, Travesty & his S.O. and I got about $1200 in donations altogether. Please feel free to Donate now if you weren’t able to previously. <hint><hint>

Phew! I’m a little worn down. days to go…

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  1. GSeven says:

    Nicho: I actually have been struggling to get my webcam to upload pictures to a CAM page… but I have a few pics taken with it that I’ll have to make a post of soon.

    As for supporting you, I’m a little surprised that you would say that and honored. You were one of the MN Blogs that I “found” early on. So you made up this community that existed that I wanted to be a part of. So, Thank you.

    NQYTD: What can I say? Oops! I thought I copied it off IMDB correctly, and was not sure of the importance of the nickname. Regardless, it is as it should be now. Is Bill Blank a character from the same movie?

  2. Nicho says:

    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clear and unobstructed picture of you. Also, I wanted to thank you. You’ve always been a great support from my meager beginnings.

  3. NQTYD says:

    Dude, that’s Bill Blake, a.k.a William “Bill” Blake.
    Bill Blank is known as “The Reluctant Family Man.”

  4. NQTYD says:

    According to Google, Bill Blank is a comedian in Iowa.
    The importance of the name is very or high or extreme. 🙂 Without the name many of the lines in the movie lose all potency. For example:
    “Are you William Blake?”
    “Yes, have you read my poetry?”
    Just doesn’t make sense as:
    “Are you Bill Blank?”
    “Yes, have you heard my comedy?”