Lazy Daze of Summer

June 28, 2004

It's Over, Man.  Let Her Go.

I have emerged from the week of Finals with my head held high, and only minor bruising.

So, I got half of my grades back on Friday, and I had two As! That made me extremely anxious to find out my other grades, as I am aspiring to hit the magical 3.5 GPA mark in days, (but who’s counting…) and let’s just say it’s going to be close.

So today, I get the rest of my grades, and they are Bs. Not crushing news, but not really helping me raise that 3.22 GPA of mine. According to my calculations, if I get an A in every class for the last 2 quarters, I will hit exactly 3.5, therefore graduating “With Honors”.

Persistence? Maybe. Stubborn and not owning up to reality? More likely.


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