Pardon Our (Cyber) Dust…

July 9, 2003


According to the

Dennis Kucinich

best matches my political views.

Who gets your vote?



Anyone there?


Well, for those of you who are here….please bear with me. Ironically, I was really busy the last few weeks of my last contract, and didn’t have time to work on the site. I was then unemployed for a couple of months, and somehow didn’t feel the urge to sit in front of ye old computer. Now, I have a new contract, which is keeping me busier than I am accustomed to, and I also have all kinds of things being cooked up behind the scenes.

<BLOG GEEK> I am currently trying to configure Movable Type, learn CSS, add my Blogroll, and decide what to do for pictures without a digital camera! </BLOG GEEK>

<POLITICS GEEK> Hey, check out the Selectsmart dealie on the left! I know it’s still early for the 2004 election but I just want to find a way to oust our current dictat….err…you know…. </POLITICS GEEK>

Oh Yeah! I have a new Mini-Me! (…Wee-Mee…whatever) Whaddya Think?



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