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December 19, 2011

Oh man, this place is gettin’ DUSTY!

I don’t really have any good reasons for letting the cobwebs settle, I just have been doing other things. :-/

However, I just started reading Wil Wheaton‘s book Just a Geek and it reminded me that writing every day (Yeah, like I’ve ever met that goal.) makes you a better writer. It’s a simple concept and I’m more than a little embarrassed that I’ve neglected this site for so long.

So…. We’ll have to see if I can redeem myself. In the meantime, if I don’t post again before then, Merry Holidays!

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Night & Day

September 8, 2005
Oh how time flies....


I know, I know. I’m not doing so hot on that resolution to post more am I? It often seems that it is always feast or famine for me, and I have been swept away even more than usual by the events that are important in my tiny life, to say nothing of the events of the world at large that deserve attention as well.

So, in the interest of getting the ball rolling, I offer up some brief summaries on what is going on in my life.

  • My new job: Everything is going really well. Not only is it just enough out of my comfort zone to be a challenge, it’s also giving me an opportunity to learn more about a rare species.
  • Theatre: Night of January Sixteenth is going well. Two weekends down, two to go. Rehearsals have already started for Zoo Story and I’m super-excited to be doing the show again. (Even though more sleep wouldn’t hurt me right about now….) If you are in the area and have any interest in seeing me perform I strongly urge you to come to this one. (Unless you’re easily offended. If so, you should wait for whatever the next play is. Maybe….)
  • Ren Fest: Sadly, I have only made it out once for part of a day. I hadn’t realized when I took the role in NoJS that every Sunday show would be a matinee, which makes it nigh ridiculous to attempt to make it out to site. Couple that with starting my new job and rehearsing a new show and you may understand when the one day to sleep in has overshadowed my festing. (I’d also still have to leave early to make it back to White Bear Lake by 7PM.) I hope to make it out this Sat or next, and hopefully the whole enchilada of closing weekend.
  • Movieoke: Movieoke Idol has been rescheduled for 9PM on Sunday September 18th. It will still be @ The Local in Downtown Minneapolis. Raven & I are ready to Movieoke our heats out to win this trip and audience reaction is included in the judging. So again with the pleading: If you think this sounds interesting at all or even like me a little bit please come out on Sept 18th!
  • Politics: Haven’t had a lot of time for Politics lately. (See above) But a quick reminder for any St. Paul-ites out there to vote for Chris Coleman in the September 13th Primary, so we can send Republican Randy home.
  • The Internets: I’ve been doing a boatload of administrative work on my various sites. Chaos Effect & underwent software upgrades recently, and I setup a Beta installation of the new Callboard as well. I also recently realized just how many damn people I know use LiveJournal, so starting with this post, I will attempt to cross-post to my account there whenever new ramblings boil over onto the virtual page.

I guess that more or less sums up my life at the moment. Hope all is as well as it can be with you and yours in these nationally troubled times.

Remember: It’s always darkest just before they turn on the lights.

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I don’t wanna hear it….

January 26, 2005

Raven & I @ NQTYD & No Name Slob’s




Sometimes being a perfectionist isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

OK, so I have literally spent weeks trying to finish some stupid new years meme. It’s included in the extended text of this entry… but it’s not finished! Nor will it be! I am moving on!

Speaking of, I have gotten to Wizard and Glass, so at least one of my quasi-resolutions is on track! I’m also pretty damn pumped about my new cellphone! As you probably noticed on the right-hand side of this here browser window is my flickr badge. I’ll try to keep it interesting.

Other than that not much is happening but it is again Winter Carnival time so please lemme know what you think of the following clues!

Today's Clue -- January 26, 2005
The siren calls, the giant falls
'Tween field generals the poet sings
That down beyond the once blue pond
Is treasure fit for kings
Clue #3 -- January 25
Be safe and we pledge, neither cliff nor water's edge
Figures in your hunting pursuit
What's that you hear? Please, have no fear
It was there before we moved in
Clue #2 -- January 24
Snow we have missed much, this not very white Christmas
But the ice has come to stay
The water's quite frozen at this park we have chosen
Along its paths you may while time away
Clue #1 -- January 23
The old curmudgeon was in high dudgeon
When a critter ran off with the loot
But this year to be credible, we've made it inedible
And stuck it in a park

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Am I Wasted?

October 21, 2004





It’s ok. I’ve given myself a timeout.

The Management of would like to apologize for the tone of the previous post. It was a bit heavy-handed and is not the sort of discourse that (I hope) you have come to expect from my humble little blog.

However, life has been getting to me a little bit lately. Something had to give. Steam had to be vented.

Just to recap: I am currently working full-time, attending my last (thank god) quarter of college full-time ( days), trying to clear out my parents house, and preparing our house (paint, move furniture, etc.) for Raven‘s birthday party.

Work has been a bit of a drag too. I started this contract over a year ago now, when the IT market was more than a little bleaker. The pay rate is the lowest I have been paid in eight years. There have been promises of a raise that has been delayed again and again. Currently, I’ve been given half what I was originally told. <grr>

So yes, GSeven is grumpy. However, he’s also amused to see that he’s the #1 search result on yahoo for Am I Doesn’t seem like a URL one would forget…

Sorry surfers, no pictures of wasted people here. However, the kitty is up for adoption.

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If I’d known you were coming…

April 19, 2004

Wow! I am more than a little taken aback at being chosen Minnesota Blog of the Day. I knew something was up when my hits quintupled that day. I do find it somewhat vexing that people seem to get the impression that I am Jack. Do you not see the signature on every post? Have ya never looked at my profile? Have you not seen the film?!?! Oh well, I’m still crazy honored and excited about it. Especially since I’m in pretty good company, since Picklejuice & Space Waitress Gate A have also been recipients of this distinction, and I likes them.

I’ve noticed that some of the blogs I am Blogrolling are a bit light on the posting, (something that we are never guilty of here at jackswastedlife), so I have fleshed it out a bit more. We shall see how long this fleshiness continues, as I do not feel comfortable linking to a site unless I actively go there myself. Sort of a “GSeven’s Stamp of Approval”.

Raven & I were not able to make it to see Akira as we had originally intended, because Friday she was not well and Saturday I was being an

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