Rest In Peace

October 25, 2002

I’m not quite sure how to process this. Senator Wellstone is someone who I only met in person once, but I have always known that he was in the Senate for me. His agenda was never swayed by public opinion polls, lobbyists, or even members of his own political party. Paul Wellstone dedicated the last 12 years of his life to fighting for everything this country should stand for: Freedom, Equality, and Justice for all. The real meaning of those words, concepts, and ideas, were never far from his mind.

I grieve today, because this was a man who not only had the knowledge, skill, dedication, and heart to do what was best for him, Minnesota, and indeed, every single man, woman, and child in this country, but he was actually in a position where he could effect change. He had found his calling and was doing his best to make this country the truly great place it has the potential to be.

Senator Paul Wellstone had my voice in Washington. In my mind, heart, and soul, Paul Wellstone has my respect, my admiration, and my vote.

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