To Boldly Go…

February 24, 2003



Yeah, yeah…I know…with a title like that, the geek flag is raised mighty high…

I feel a little like explaining some of my intentions here with…I guess I have looked around this great internet of ours, I have seen many, many blogs. I will not even hazard to guess how many are out there, and yet, there are a very precious few that I can actually read on a regular basis. So, I almost wonder why I’ve even bothered to put myself out here. I guess the reason that I’ve come up with, is that I want to stretch myself as an artist. And presently, the artist in me is not quite sure exactly what his art is.

I obviously like web design, I have dabbled in poetry and fiction, and I am returning/re-examining my role as a photographer. And the big thing for me going forward is that I not settle. I was tempted over the last week to enter in something just to DO something. But really, I think there is already plenty of stuff to look at on the internet that gets updated every day….some things even more often….and I really think that it’s the content that matters.

So! In my growing need to push myself to come up with literature, pictures, and other various cyber-goodies, I have tried something new. The picture above, has been “tweaked” via Photoshop. This is the first pic I have doctored, and I am still getting my feet wet in that area. There is a “purist” in me, who feels that even thought I use a digital camera, that this kind of altering is not “fair”. It seems like it almost makes the medium too easy. But, I am trying to look beyond that and just view the final piece as art, and just be honest about where it came from.

BTW, you didn’t think I somehow missed the whole WeeMee phenomenon did you?

Behold, Mini-Me:

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