A Tale of Two Concerts

October 13, 2004

Michael Stipe & The Boss




Raven & I have been concert-going freaks lately.

Well, maybe not freaks, but freak-like, freakish, freak-a-fied… OK I’ll stop…

We started our rockin’ last week with the Vote for Change Tour. (StarTribune.com Review) It was amazing. It wasn’t just a concert, it was an unbelievable experience. And believe it or not, it was fairly low key politically. I mean, there was no secrecy about how the artists felt about miserable failure and his cronies, but the night was not one long rant about it. Instead, they were all very positive. They were there to empower, motivate, and inspire.

They sure got to me. For some reason the most powerful moment of the evening came when Neil Young came onstage with REM. He was sporting a “Canadians for Kerry” button. They did an incredible rendition of “Country Feedback” from Out of Time. I can’t explain it. It was just amazing.

Not long after that, Bruce came out and sang a duet with Michael of “Man on the Moon”. The whole night was filled with this energy of collaboration. Neil joined Bruce & the E-Street Band later, as did John Fogerty and Michael Stipe. For the finale, everyone was on the stage. Even the opening act, Bright Eyes, was there sharing the spotlight as they closed the night singing “People have the power”. It was well after Midnight but I still didn’t want it to end.

Ministry was ok. I liked the music and all, but I just can’t stand the Quest. And people were being dumb. I understand slam-dancing, but it has its place, in the middle of the floor. Not on the edges. Not where people are just trying to watch the show even thought the sight lines are god-awful. IN THE PIT! Raven claims that I have invented some separation of terms with slam-dancing versus moshing, but I don’t like to listen to her.

After all, she plays some game called Duck, Duck, Goose.

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Gimme Money!

September 6, 2002

OK, update time. Let’s see. First of all, I cleaned up all the links, so nothing should be broken anymore! Second, I am going to go see my first Lifelike show tonight. With any luck my “good freind”™  Kolya will be joining my wife and I as well.

Other than that, I will still be working at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival every weekend through September 29th. Also, on November 1st I will be participating in America’s Walk for Diabetes (Kinda selfish of me, I know, seeing as I have diabetes and all…) and I would be grievously ungracious if I did not permit you all the chance to SPONSOR ME! If anyone else wants to join our team please let me know as well. We will actually be rollerblading in the Metrodome.

Oh, and one more thing. I guess we will probably go ahead and register www.hofman-frethem.com for our domain name. Which probably means this will be blog.hofman-frethem.com at some point…at least, that or gseven.hofman-frethem.com…I guess it depends on what Amanda wants to do with her half of the site. (Isn’t it nice of me to share like that?) Anyways, I will let you all go. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see what develops on Monday!

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