Don’t call us…

October 23, 2002

Hmm, as many of you may or may not know, I aspire to be an actor. (You certainly SHOULD know that…since you all read my Profile.) So, in keeping with that grand tradition, I auditioned for 2 shows this past weekend; Starting Gate’s upcoming production of Jeffrey, & Pig’s Eye Theatre’s upcoming production of A Few Good Men.

Now, don’t let me sound like I’m full of myself, but I thought I did just fine at both auditions. In fact, I would say that in both cases a callback would have been warranted. It is now Wednesday evening, long after I should have been called back for either show, and I am sitting here talking to you people. (By you people, I of course mean you people who love and support me and would CAST ME IN YOUR FREAKIN’ SHOWS IF YOU WERE DIRECTING ONE!!!)

Ahem. So, moving on in subjects…I was actually able to attend the graduation ceremony for Brown College. My Ghosts & Graves Tours have been going allright, although I do have to do THREE of them this Friday, which is also Raven’s birthday….which sucks. Oh well, gotta make some money…

Oh, incidentally, this Doonesbury strip freaking kills me! The worst part is I think he even looks like me….

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