May 3, 2002

Is it possible to think you’re being too hard on yourself? Hey all. I have of course been buried in things to do and hence this update is a wee bit later than I would have liked. (Of course, I also just peeked @ a friend’s site and he hasn’t update since 1/08/02….so it could be worse!) Anyways, not a lot going on here. I’ve been revising/creating our shopping section, (Shop WKK link on the left) and would like to encourage y’all to peruse as needed.

I have also been forced to live a slightly different schedule, as I am now going to school @ 7:15 (EEK!) and then working from 1 to 9 PM. It’s ok and all, but I just need the upheavals to stop. OK, I have a question for all of you, I am thinking of registering a domain name, but I do not know what would be good. My wife is not crazy about using our last name, and I feel like I want something fairly creative. Now, ZooStation.com is taken, and wkk.com is not available either. However, www.wekilledkenny.com is available, as is www.gseven.net. Or do you have any other suggestions? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. TTFN!

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