Lofty Thoughts…

May 17, 2004

Raven & I went for a stroll on Sunday, and we happened upon a few Open Houses that we wish we could expunge from our brains. 505 Selby Ave #14 was the one that most caught my eye. There was another one across the street that Raven liked just a little bit more. (We imagine the cats would love it.) It had a spiral staircase and a very open floor plan, with some exposed brick to boot. Then I had to go and notice this listing in Marina City in Chicago. Dangit! We’re not ready to move yet!


To take my mind off housing wants, I decided to give Unconscious Mutterings a go this week…

  1. Playoffs:: something Minnesota teams never win.
  2. Morris:: the Cat
  3. Break up:: it’s hard to do.
  4. Eggs:: Scrambled
  5. Parker:: Lewis Can’t Lose
  6. Hardy Boys:: Dynamic Duo
  7. Deluxe:: Checks
  8. Protection:: Shelter
  9. Girl Scout:: C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me!
  10. Salsa:: Salsa Shark. We’re gonna need a bigger boat!
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