They are the lost life of Cat

September 16, 2003


Hmm….Well, I certainly do not have a disco, so I guess it’s the truth! (link unceremoniously ganked from picklejuice)

Hey everybody! I am a busy busy guy. I’m almost done with my first quarter and I have 3 finals and 2 final projects due next week for 4 different classes! And, of course, I’ll be going out of town this weekend…just in case that was all too easy.

Hey, while on the subject of links, check out Lost in Translation for more wacky fun. It translates English to French and then back into English and then into German and then back into English and then into …. well… just go try it!

The morning of the ice-slides is tired and underneath ugliness it
changes it in the skin, the one that thought about a type I, inside
like of this mine of the reason 1 week, that I sleep!
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