Vodka Promises

January 3, 2003

I was watching Craiggers the other night, and he said that he doesn’t make Resolutions…he prefers…vodka promises. One of these was, of course, to drink more vodka. And I have to say that I admire the ability he has to set attainable goals.

Speaking-of-which, (Travis should appreciate that…) I hope that those of you tuning in will appreciate that things do change around here, and usually for the better. Maybe not as fast as lightning, (and certainly NOT like lightning…with smaller lightnings moving alongside of it….going much faster….) but improvements, like….<drumroll>…the backBlog!!! You know, where after each post I make you can add snide little comments about how I blog like a girl…or something…(flaming was never one of my strong suits…)

OK, so maybe you aren’t as excited about it as I per se, HOWEVER…it will be cool…all the kids are doing it these days….

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