Garcon means boy

September 20, 2005
Rated R on appeal for extensive use of extremely explicit sex-related dialogue.

We were having trouble deciding between “I’m 37!?!?” from Clerks and “Prologue” (Pumpkin & Honey Bunny) from Pulp Fiction. The voting was pretty even amongst those polled, but we finally decided on Clerks.

The scene from Clerks is a little consistently funnier and much dirtier (Blowjob discussions are always crowd pleasers!) and we also thought it was a little tougher in terms of its rapidity, and would score us points for difficulty.

Once we decided that, I made an Audio CD of the dialogue in that scene. Raven & I listened to it on repeat all the way to the theatre, we both listened to it while we were waiting to go backstage, and we listened to it on the way from the theatre to the The Local.

At this point I should probably mention that it was requested that contestants arrive at 8:30 to check in. I seem to have managed to get the worst traffic karma in the world of late. What is normally a 3 minute stretch of 35E took at least 25 minutes and apparently there was no reason other than two State Troopers with their lights flashing sitting on the side of the road and chatting. Oh sure, there probably was an accident there or something, but seriously, get off the damn road if you’re just going to sit and talk about how much the Vikings suck! (Sorry Kaiser.)

So, we arrived a little after 8:30 but still well before the 9:02 registration deadline. They had us draw a number for when we’d perform and I drew 21. There were 30 teams that had qualified. (Actually 29, I’m pretty sure due to a clerical oversight one team qualified on two separate weeks.) Surprisingly, only 13 teams were present however. This may have been due to the last minute change of date, but was surprising nonetheless. We were pleased that we didn’t have to start too early in the lineup. (This also allowed time for some of our friends with other obligations to arrive and still see us perform.)

There was also a surprise in the appointment of three “celebrity” judges, as opposed to the lone judge that was previously designated, the emcee. The judges were from Mpls St Paul Magazine, The Pioneer Press, and, of course, The Onion. This was a little nerve-racking since we didn’t know what their expectations would be. I mean, the emcee gets to hear all the vulgar and dirty scenes every night, would these judges be as appreciative?

I suppose I should mention at this point that we went all out for this one. We had costumes. We had props. We were prepared.

I wore my steel toe boots, khakis, a white T-shirt, and a black dress shirt unbuttoned. Raven wore acid-washed jeans, a poofy white blouse, and a blazer. She even managed a good imitation of the teased hair in a ponytail. I also grabbed my Pizza Hut baseball cap for the first few seconds of the scene when I play Willam.

For those of you who’ve never done Movieoke before, let me clue you in on something. Portions of film without dialogue seem perfectly natural when viewing a movie. However, when doing Movieoke, where there are no sounds other than the ones you produce with your microphone. Silences of as little as 10 seconds can seem like an eternity. There is a moment in our scene where no one talks for at least 8 seconds. Normally, we just ad-lib some thoughts of the characters, but since we were being judged on our accuracy, we thought that might not be best. Therefore, we brought in a tiny bag of Cheetos and put some coins on an appetizer plate to simulate the purchase of an item and making change.

The Event

First performer of the night does a scene from The Two Towers where Gollum is talking to himself. She does really well, but audience reaction is pretty low key. Phil & Abe do the Drill Sergeant scene from Full Metal Jacket, and the audience is really into it. There are a few other scenes done, but for whatever reason they don’t worry me. Generally it was poor audience reaction and a few people had some trouble syncing with the actors on the screen.

Finally, it’s our turn.

We get onstage, and as our scene starts I put on my cap and stare at the ceiling. People start laughing. This is good. We run through the scene. People actually cheer when we use the Cheetos and Coins for sound effects. We finish the scene. Every time a scene before us got a really big reaction from the crowd, my heart sunk a little bit. This is easily the best and loudest reaction to any scene that night. I expected that our little cheering section would be loud, and I figured we’d get a good reaction in general, but even our closest competitors were cheering. For a few seconds I am simply numb. I managed a bow and slunk off stage left to our little corner of the bar.

The last performer of the night is Zut. My stomach re-tightens a bit. Zut has done kick-ass renditions of Fight Club and The Usual Suspects before. The copy of Usual Suspects he had didn’t have subtitles, he did it from memory. He is good. Miraculously, he does a scene from The Wire, that no one knows, and subsequently, no one seems to get.

Fifteen Minute Break

They start to announce the winners. Phil & Abe get 3rd place, a $50 Gift Card to The Local. I think this is good, we had a better performance tonight.

Second Place goes to the girl who did Gollum, $100 Gift Card.

Aw crap, it’s all or nothin’ now. I certainly thought we did better, but what if for some reason they didn’t like us???

Phil & Abe and their table start pointing at us and clapping. I cross my fingers and give them an “I hope so…” look……

Then it’s announced. We got first place! Round-Trip Airfare, Hotel, and Concert Tickets to U2 in Los Angeles, CA.

Fuckin’ A

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Room Full of Rocking Chairs

September 16, 2005
You are Silent Bob

What Dogma character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla




The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid.

– Lady Bird Johnson

People at my new job keep asking me if I get nervous before I go on stage. I think it’s interesting, because I am almost always completely calm backstage.

Sometimes, right before my lines or a big scene, I’ll get a little churn in the old tummy, but generally I’m cool. It’s the same thing with Movieoke. Karaoke however, is an entirely different story. It generally takes a lot of self-administered pep-talking to get me to get up and sing in front of people. And yes, it must and can only be self-administered. When people try to coax me into putting in a slip I always get self-conscious and slip back a confidence notch or two.

I dunno why that is. Part of it is obviously rehearsal. By the time you have an audience for a play you’ve (hopefully) had it down for a couple of weeks. That would explain my karaoke reticence, and yet, I’ll hop up and do a Movieoke scene I’ve never done before with little to no trepidation.


Speaking of Movieoke, the final day of Movieoke Idol is this Sunday. I’m trying to approach this the way I approach most things, which is my patented blend of positive cynicism. I’m certainly hoping that we win, but I also realize and acknowledge that there are many reasons why we may not.

Oh well. Please send us any spare positive vibes you may have laying around this Sunday night! I’ll post the recap of the event on Monday!

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Night & Day

September 8, 2005
Oh how time flies....


I know, I know. I’m not doing so hot on that resolution to post more am I? It often seems that it is always feast or famine for me, and I have been swept away even more than usual by the events that are important in my tiny life, to say nothing of the events of the world at large that deserve attention as well.

So, in the interest of getting the ball rolling, I offer up some brief summaries on what is going on in my life.

  • My new job: Everything is going really well. Not only is it just enough out of my comfort zone to be a challenge, it’s also giving me an opportunity to learn more about a rare species.
  • Theatre: Night of January Sixteenth is going well. Two weekends down, two to go. Rehearsals have already started for Zoo Story and I’m super-excited to be doing the show again. (Even though more sleep wouldn’t hurt me right about now….) If you are in the area and have any interest in seeing me perform I strongly urge you to come to this one. (Unless you’re easily offended. If so, you should wait for whatever the next play is. Maybe….)
  • Ren Fest: Sadly, I have only made it out once for part of a day. I hadn’t realized when I took the role in NoJS that every Sunday show would be a matinee, which makes it nigh ridiculous to attempt to make it out to site. Couple that with starting my new job and rehearsing a new show and you may understand when the one day to sleep in has overshadowed my festing. (I’d also still have to leave early to make it back to White Bear Lake by 7PM.) I hope to make it out this Sat or next, and hopefully the whole enchilada of closing weekend.
  • Movieoke: Movieoke Idol has been rescheduled for 9PM on Sunday September 18th. It will still be @ The Local in Downtown Minneapolis. Raven & I are ready to Movieoke our heats out to win this trip and audience reaction is included in the judging. So again with the pleading: If you think this sounds interesting at all or even like me a little bit please come out on Sept 18th!
  • Politics: Haven’t had a lot of time for Politics lately. (See above) But a quick reminder for any St. Paul-ites out there to vote for Chris Coleman in the September 13th Primary, so we can send Republican Randy home.
  • The Internets: I’ve been doing a boatload of administrative work on my various sites. Chaos Effect & underwent software upgrades recently, and I setup a Beta installation of the new Callboard as well. I also recently realized just how many damn people I know use LiveJournal, so starting with this post, I will attempt to cross-post to my account there whenever new ramblings boil over onto the virtual page.

I guess that more or less sums up my life at the moment. Hope all is as well as it can be with you and yours in these nationally troubled times.

Remember: It’s always darkest just before they turn on the lights.

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The Waiting Game

August 7, 2005
You Are 38% American
America: You don’t love it or want to leave it.
But you wouldn’t mind giving it an extreme make over.
On the 4th of July, you’ll fly a freak flag instead…
And give Uncle Sam a sucker punch!

How American Are You?




I can’t believe actually knowing how many states start with a W earns you 2 percentage points…. Lord knows I’ve considered becoming a citizen of The United States of Canada, but the breaking point has not quite been reached… It’s also amusing to me that, of the 3 places we’d consider moving to in the contiguous 48, all happen to be a part of the aforementioned fictitious country… hmmm…

On a non-related note: I’m going crazy! Well, I guess the term “going” is maybe a bit of a misnomer, but I digress. I’ve finally gotten a job offer, but I don’t start until the 22nd. So, naturally, I’m convinced something is going to go hideous wrong in that timeframe.

I guess I’ve just had a real spell of bad luck lately. I’ve been mighty discouraged, and I’m just having trouble relaxing a bit.


BTW, if you’re not going to Movieoke @ The Local Sunday nights @ 9PM to cheer on
Raven and me, well, get with the program! We wanna win that trip to Los Angeles to see U2!

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The Dark Side

May 13, 2005



So I would have posted news earlier… but I’ve been too busy watching the new trailer for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on repeat all last night and this morning. It’s amazing that even after Episode I and II, which I enjoyed enough but also carried some pretty lousy dialogue and plot, I still get goosebumps watching the trailer for Episode III.

OK. Granted that’s not why I haven’t posted. I’ve been a little bit overwhelmed by things lately, and believe it or not, I don’t like to think of this as just a place for me to bitch and moan about my life. So when I can’t think of anything positive to say…I tend not to say anything at all.

So, like I say, the quote above is not mine. It is the news from Ctrl-Alt-Del the day after the Ep. III trailer was released. (See the T icon on the left, if you’ve been living in a cave…) What struck me about it is that it mirrors almost exactly my feelings on the subject. Granted, anyone who’s talked to me even after Ep. I knows that I’ve been wary of critiquing the films at all, because I feel like I need to know where it’s going to leave us at the end of this film to know if it was worth the first two not quite living up to my expectations. (Disclaimer: I really like Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, and Kill Bill Vol. I & II, but I thought both would have been better if they had been one film. Both sets of films suffer from what I can only describe as a feeling of unevenness. The first of both were more action oriented and the second of each were more cerebral.)

As you may have guessed,
Raven and I are going to see a Midnight showing of Ep. III on Wednesday.

Otherwise, there’s a lot to tell, and I don’t want to do it all today, but let me see if I can sum up.

  • My last contracted ended and I am unemployed.
  • Recently, I got really sick and vomited so much I tore a hole in my esophagus, causing me to spend a week in the hospital. WEE! (Yes, I’m feeling much better now.)
  • My wife and I were introduced by friends to Movieoke, which we are now semi-famous for. (The article actually says we are “slick”.)
  • I will be returning to the stage, in a production of Elizabeth Rex for The New Place.
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